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Mini Tummy Tuck Incision Placement?

I am 5'2, 105 pounds, and in pretty good shape. I am considering a Mini Tummy Tuck. I think the underlying muscle is ok, it feels firm and I have very... READ MORE

Lip over Incision 5 Weeks Post Mini TT -Seroma Removed 2x. Is the Swelling and Lip Ever Going to Resolve? (photo)

Mini TT w/lipo in the flanks 5 wks ago. Drain removed 1-wk post op, seroma developed. PS aspirated the seroma on multiple occasions successfully. 3rd... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Surgical Removal. Can Additional Tightening Be Done At The Same Time?

8 months after mini tummy tuck my dr. says i need to surgically remove scar tissue. I have a great deal of swelling above my incision line. The Dr.... READ MORE

Is the Belly Button Also Involved in a Regular Tummy Tuck, Like a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Is recovery quicker when you go through the belly button during a mini-tummy tuck? Is the belly button detachment purely for aesthetic reasons? READ MORE

If my Belly Buttom Had Been Pulled Up During the Surgery Should I Have an Incision There? (photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck 7 months ago. Now my belly buttom looks very low, it is hideous. My doctor insists he pulled it up during the surgery but I... READ MORE

How Do I Fix Roll over Incision? (photo)

I had lipo/mini tuck 8 months ago and seem to have developed a roll over my incicsion. This roll was exactly what I had before surgery from an old C... READ MORE

I Had a Mini Tummy Tuck with Lipo to the Hips and Upper Stomach my Incision in the Middle is Purple?

I had a mini tummy tuck with lipo of the hips and upper stomach two weeks ago now the incision in the middle has a purple bruised color with no pain... READ MORE

I Am Getting Mini Tummy Tuck. How Low a Cut is Recommend?

I don't need a major mini tummy tuck. Im literally getting a small pouch above my c-section line cut away with minimal lipo. My doctor initially... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Mini TT, Concerned With Discomfort and Tenderness At Incision Site?

I Am 2weeks Post Mtt and Am Concerned with the Amount of Discomfort And Tenderness at Incision & the Area Above and Below There READ MORE

I'm Two Weeks Post Op and my Incision is Hard and Ridge Like. Is This Normal?

Lipo, mini tummy tuck with out drains. My scare is hard an ridge like. Is this normal READ MORE

Do I have to have a mini tummy tuck or is mons lipo enough? (photos)

I have a large mons, very similar to this picture and would like lipo done there. But I'm dreading having to get an incision due to my scars... READ MORE

12 days post op Mini Tummy Tuck, do I have necrosis? (photo)

Hi, I am not sure what necosis feels like or looks like really all the pictures I've seen look terrible and huge open wounds. I can't find anything... READ MORE

1) What is the incision of my tummy tuck ? 2) The stitch used, will it heal flat? (Photos)

I had a tummy tuck 4 weeks ago, i know there is swelling, but i need to know regarding the incision that was made, since most i have researched were... READ MORE

Mini TT with abdomen/flank lipo and muscle repair

My surgeon has told me he will make a incision site below my C-section scar. My C-section scar is already pretty low which means the incision site... READ MORE

Larger mini tummy tuck scar, would that have a better result?

During pre-op appointment, the surgeon asked if the incision could be larger , slightly to the hip bone (almost as full tummy tuck). I told him I... READ MORE

Localized red stinging on mini tuck incision. 4 weeks post op. What should I do? (Photo)

1 week ago, one part of the incision felt tender, irritated, red and slightly inflamed. PS had a look and said its a stitch that is coming up to the... READ MORE

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