Diastasis Recti + Mini Tummy Tuck

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Too Much Skin for Hybrid Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Hi, I'm interested in a modified/hybrid tummy tuck. I've had 3 kids and am in otherwise great physical shape. I'm 5'6 and 120 lbs and narrow/athletic.... READ MORE

Can Umbilical Hernia and Diastasis Be Fixed Without Floating Belly Button in Mini TT

If there is a definite umbilical hernia and need for diastasis repair how does the repair differ with mini vs full tt? Does stalk need to be cut to... READ MORE

Could I Be a Candidate for a Hybrid or Modified Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I've seen 3 surgeons who have recommended a standard tummy tuck. I'm 114lbs, 5'5", 32 years old and am moderately active. I've had 3 csections and... READ MORE

Common Complications for a Diastasis Repair Via Mini-tummy Tuck?

Are there any complications caused by a diastasis abdomen condition, and if so, is a mini tummy tuck the only corrective option I have? READ MORE

When is the Tupler Technique as effective as Mini-tummy Tuck?

How often does the Tupler technique have such a significant impact that patients wouldn't need a mini tummy tuck? or How often do you hear of... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck for Diastasis?

I just had twins and my stomach bulges out when I bend over. My doctor tells me I have diastasis. What are the advantages of having a mini tummy tuck... READ MORE

Can You Do a Mini Tummy Tuck and Muscle Tightening at the Same Time? (photo)

Hi i wanted to know if i could do a mini tummy tuck and muscle tightening at the same time, or can i only get the tightening bet done in a full tummy... READ MORE

I Have a Diastasi Recti in the Muscles Below my Belly Button. Will an Endoscopic Mini Tummy Tuck Repair This? (photo)

I am not over weight but have this lower abdomina pooch. I have consulted a couple of Plastic Surgeons that think this can be treated via an... READ MORE

If I get a full Tummy Tuck with muscle repair is there anyway of avoiding a high, hip to hip scar? (photos)

I have a diastasis of about 2 finger widths. I am currently 7 months post partum from my first baby. I have tried everything to close my diastasis but... READ MORE

Can I do a Mini Tummy Tuck for diastasis recti repair of about a 2 finger width gap? (photos)

Hello, I am 28yrs old with 1 baby, 6 months old. I have a diastasis of about 2 finger widths gap. Would a mini tummy tuck be appropriate for me? Also,... READ MORE

Who can correct Diastasis recti, umbilical hernia, loose skin? (Photo)

I'd like mini TT but I was told that I would need a full TT to correct all these things. I'd like my incision as low as c-section scar. Ik that... READ MORE

I am interested in a mini tuck - Can the muscle be fixed at the same time?

I am interested in a mini tuck, but I have gone to several doctors and they will not fix my muscle I have heard that in your mini tuck you fix the... READ MORE

Is mini tt the best option for me? (Photo)

Im 28 years with 2 kids. I have a diastasis recti and loose skin that wont go despite all the intense exercise id done. Im due for mini tt next month.... READ MORE

Do I need a mini Tummy Tuck revision? (photos)

After having twins I had an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti which went from my lower abdomen to just above my navel. 7 months ago my PS performed... READ MORE

Are there any Seattle surgeons who perform something similar to a short scar mini tummy tuck?

I am looking for a surgeon who has experience with a modified tummy tuck similar to a short scar mini tummy tuck. I have been told by two surgeons... READ MORE

Possible Mini Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I had a baby 19 mo ago and determined that I have diastasis recti. I have been doing specific exercises for this, as well as eating a very clean diet.... READ MORE

Which procedures would be best to correct my sagging tummy? (photos)

Do I need abdominoplasty plus liposuction to correct my sagging tummy? I'm not sure whether I have diastasis recti. When I lie on my back and lift my... READ MORE

Is a burning/sharp pain in my upper abdomen normal after a mini TT, muscle repair and diastisis?

I'm on day 11 and have had very little pain until the past couple days I'm afraid to move because it burns. It started on one side and now it's on... READ MORE

Can a mini tummy tuck help relieve back pain and fix Diastasis Recti?

I'm considering get a mini tummy tuck because i dont like the scar plus i never had children before so I dont have loose skin problems its just that... READ MORE

Can extra skin/roll above belly button after a mini tummy tuck be fixed without a 2nd surgery? (Photo)

Had mini TT 5 wks ago (wanted to correct diastasi recti + lipo but Dr recommended mini...then fixed a hernia during the surgery. I recognize now that... READ MORE

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