Age 45-54 + Mini Tummy Tuck

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Avelar Technique Mini Tummy Tuck Vs. Traditional Mini Tuck

I can you please tell me the difference between these. I have had 3 babies in 4 years....18 years ago. I am 110 lbs 5'tall. I'm about 6 lbs more than... READ MORE

Difference Between Mini Tummy Tuck and Liposculpture?

My trouble is my pouch on my tummy and my love handles. secondary- are my jiggly arms. I work out every other day and follow a healthy diet. 5ft 5... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Bleed from Your Vagina After Mini Tummy Tuck?

I had mini tummy tuck 2 months ago and from yesterday I am bleeding a little bit from my vagina. I am 54 years old and it is been a year that I do not... READ MORE

I Had a Mini TT I Still Have Skin Hanging over the Scar,a Lot of Extra Skin and Flanks. Could I Get It Fixed? (photo)

I am devastated w/my surgery. I spent 10,500$ and I feel like I will never receive the correct results. I feel like Dr. Greenberg, instead of ensuring... READ MORE

I have an upper abdominal roll of fat/skin that forms a sausage when I sit -physically uncomfortable? (photo)

Best way to eliminate it? 50 years 5'2" 150 lbs. One birth at age 40. Breast reduction and abdominal lipo 5 years ago. Sagging skin on my lover belly.... READ MORE

Can I combine an abdominal myomectomy with a mini tummy tuck?

I am at my ideal weight, physically fit, 46 years old, controlled high blood pressure. READ MORE

Tummy tuck, surgeon advised a mini tummy tuck with muscle tightening?

I am 45 years old with 7 beautiful children. I am 170 cm tall with a classic build ( broad shoulders , small waist and a fuller round bottom} I weigh... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend to get rid of my pouch and extra skin? (photos)

Would like to get rid of post pregnancy pouch, extra skin above C-sections and smooth upper abdomen scar. If a mini TT is suggested, would I be left... READ MORE

Can abdominal muscles be tightened during a mini tummy tuck?n (Photo)

I've heard different things for during my consultations. 2 doctors told me that I would need a full tummy tuck but another doctor told me that he... READ MORE

Does it appear that a Mini tummy tuck with feathered in liposuction would be a good decision to get contour in my abs? (photos)

I am 50 years old, my measurements are 38-28-39 and I weigh 132... My skin is in pretty good shape and I have a fingernails worth of muscle separation... READ MORE

Mine TT and Lipo vs reg TT and Lipo? (Photo)

What would be better and lower in cost or me a mine TT w/Lipo or a Reg TT/ Lipo? I have SLE and the the only in remission all my organs are working in... READ MORE

Is wrinkly/crinkly tummy skin at 9mo po normal for mini tummy tuck w/ muscle tightening and lipo? I'm 49 & 15% body fat (photo)

Why does my skin crinkle just as bad as before surgery? And why is the skin hanging when I bend over? The crinkling and hanging are getting worse over... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck? (Photo)

I am 50 years old and my skin is lax and I have the dreaded meno fat. I am unhappy with the lax skin but don't want full tummy tuck but will a mini... READ MORE

Considering a mini tummy tuck and abdominal lypo in early May. Should I wait until after my cruise ?

Considering a mini tummy tuck and abdominal lypo in early May but am going on a cruise July 18th, should I wait until after my cruise or will I be... READ MORE

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