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Mini Tummy Tuck to Avoid Major Scarring?

I'm 40 with 2 kids, 5'2", 120 lbs. Nervous about a Full Tummy Tuck because of the scarring, would I get decent results from a Mini Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck - Effective?

I'm a 38 yr old mother of three- all under the age of five. I delivered a singleton and twins via c-section. I have an excess of skin below my... READ MORE

Will A Mini Tummy Tuck and Lipo Correct C-Section Bulge and Tummy? (photo)

I'm a 40 yr old mom who's had 3 c-sections within a 5 yr period and now finding extremely difficult to get rid of my pooch. I'm fortunate to not have... READ MORE

Am I A Good Candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck?

I am a 40 year old mother of 8 year old twins. I gained 70 lbs. during pregnancy and acquired excess skin and stretch marks in the lower abdomen... READ MORE

I Have Wrinkles Around my Navel Opinions Please on What Can Be Done? (photo)

I'm a 43 yr. F weight 106 lbs 5'3". Developed deep tread marks during my 1st pregnancy at 20 yrs. Weight before preg was 103 and gained 40lbs. Over... READ MORE

Is Soreness Normal 10 Days After a Very Mini Tummy Tuck?

I am 43 and have had 3 prior c sections. 10 days ago, I had a very mini tummy tuck. I am in excellent shape, but had an area of fat/loose skin below... READ MORE

Was a Mini-tummy Tuck the Best Option for Me?

Currently I am 36 yo and weigh 195 lbs. I lost about 60 pounds and had excess skin and fat that hung over my belt line. I had a modified mini-tummy... READ MORE

Want a Better 40 Year Old Tummy, Is This Possible? (photo)

I am 40 and weigh 159 lbs (5 ft 7 in). I'm tired of my flabby lower tummy, but I don't want to get a tummy tuck and have my tummy look out of place.... READ MORE

Lipo-abdominalplasty or Mini-tuck Suitable? (photo)

Hi there, I am a fit, healthy active 37 yr old mother of 2. Looking into a moderate abdominalplasty surgery. I do not want the muscle wall... READ MORE

After 3 c sections, last child delivered Oct 20th, how long should I wait to get my tummy tuck? (photo)

I am already back down to my prepregnancy weight. I am 38, 5"5, 140 pounds. Would I be a candidate for a mini or full tummy tuck? READ MORE

I'm 42, I weigh 130 lbs, 5'0", just looking for the best procedure for me. (Photo)

How big will be the scar the 1er doctor told me cause I don't have to much skin in the top the scar will higher ( I don't want that) and the second... READ MORE

Would a mini tummy tuck work for me? (photo)

Hello. I'm 36 years old who weights 113lbs and is 5'2". What bothers me most about my stomach is the loose skin and overall texture of my skin when I... READ MORE

Firefighter wanting to get a mini tummy tuck. How long til I can get back to active work? (photo)

I am a 35yro female firefighter and I wondering how long the heal time really would be. I am a active firefighter who has only about 2 maybe 3 weeks I... READ MORE

Candidate for mini tummy tuck? (photo)

40, 5'8", 127 lbs, very fit for years. Always had 26" flat tummy till baby 15 mos ago. Left with pouch and 30" waist that crunches won't fix, but... READ MORE

Is uneven swelling 3 weeks post-TT normal or a sign of a problem?

I had a mini-TT 3 wks ago (lower muscle repair and excess skin removal). I wear a garment 24/7. 3 days PO I had more swelling on my rt side above the... READ MORE

40 year old, 2 kids & c-section, tummy has irregularities. Would a mini TT be fairly easy? (Photo)

I have a thin frame (106 pounds), just some excess skin under my belly button. Is this a pretty simple procedure? Or do I need to find a surgeon that... READ MORE

Am I a possible candidate for a mini tummy tuck?

44, healthy, 1 child. I've consulted with 2 different PS who have given me different recommendations. Both have said that I have a "high waist" which... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am a 35 year old mother of three. I have stretch marks and a pooch below my belly button that I cannot get rid of. Above my belly button is pretty... READ MORE

I would like to have a mini Tummy Tuck and possible Brazilian butt lift done together. Is that possible?

I wanted to know what some of the major risk are with the procedures I will be 35 when I have the work done. Im currently 162lbs looking to drop down... READ MORE

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