Melasma Treatment Videos

Why Does Good Skincare Matter? This Doctor Explains

Ever wonder what's all the fuss about skincare? Dr. Michael Howard Swann explains why your skincare regimen matters and the role growth factors can play. VIEW NOW

2 Creams That Can Help Fight Melasma — And 1 Laser to Avoid

Melasma can be annoying but Dr. Porcia B. Love offers these suggestions on how to address the skin condition. VIEW NOW

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Can I Get Burned From a Chemical Peel? This Doctor Answers Your Questions

Do chemical peels mean burns? Dr. Adekemi Akingboye explains when to undergo this skincare treatment and what to expect. VIEW NOW

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Dark Spots and Melasma Are Completely Gone After Cosmelan Treatment

Dr. Michele Green explains how to treat Melasma, sun spots, and difficult sun damage with Cosmelan and how this treatment can be customized for each patient's skin type and color. VIEW NOW

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What Can PicoSure be Used For?

Dr. Robert Weiss discusses what PicoSure can be used for. VIEW NOW

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