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What's the Best Way to Treat Melasma?

Is there any surgery that can lighten the dark spots? what surgeries do you recommend? are skin lightening creams affective, which skin lightening... READ MORE

What is The Best treatment For Melasma Skin Type IV?

What is the  best tretment for melasma  skin type  4 READ MORE

Retin A, Renova, or Differin for Wrinkle Prevention and Melasma?

Which is the best for wrinkle prevention, melasma treatment, and clear skin for someone with super sensitive & fair skin? I've done Fraxel many... READ MORE

Is There a Reliable on Line Source from Which I Can Obtain 4% Hydroquinone? TX Has Outlawed the Use of It for Melasma.

Is There a Reliable on Line Source from Which I Can Obtain 4% Hydroquinone? TX Has Outlawed the Use of It for Melasma. READ MORE

Treatment for Melasma? Tried Microdermabrasion With No Results? (photo)

I am suffering from melasma from the last two years i have used hydroquinone'kojavitgel" and i have also undergone for microdermabrasion and... READ MORE

I've tried hydroquinone, laser genesis, TCA peels and nothing has helped the melasma. What can I do? (Photo)

About 4 years ago melasma started to surface on my cheeks. Started hydroquinone on and off for the next 18 months. After seeing no results, I did 5... READ MORE

I have melasma on my face. How can I get rid of it? I've tried hydroquinone, Retina A and Triumph. (Photo)

How can I get rid of my melasma on my face. I've had it for more than 5yrs. Tried hydroquinone, Retina A and Triumph but can't take off. READ MORE

Ethnic skin melasma & treatments: I used Obagi, is it safe to use long term?Can Hydroquinone cause cancer? optional treatments.

I have ethnic skin & melasma . I used Obagi & worked, the treatment was for 6 to 8 months, however Stopped using it 2 year ago & I have my spots back... READ MORE

Dermal melasma upper lip. What can I do to get rid of it? Nothing works. (Photo)

Hello..I developed dermal melasma on my upper lip in 2009..3 yrs AFTER early menopause..no hrt...since then it has gotten worse..wear sunscreen daily,... READ MORE

Percision Md/Dermaceutic Peel - Will they help with Melasma?

I did Cosmelan Regulayr back in November for the 5th time over a five yr period and this time my melasma dis not respond to it. IM ON hq8% and my... READ MORE

Can I use Obagi hydroquinone 4% in conjunction with tri-luma?

I have melasma on my forehead. For the past week I've been using Tri-luma at night, and my skin seems to be tolerating it completely. In fact, I use... READ MORE

Melasma after Fraxel, made worse by IPL. Besides sun protection & tazorac, what should I do? Is IPL a bad idea?

43yo, male with bl eyes, light br hair, dark complexion. Sought Fraxel re:pair for mild ice pick scars on cheeks. After 5 Fraxel sessions in 07,... READ MORE

My question is about my melasma. What can I do to get rid of them?

I have melisma on both cheeks one side looks almost black and is a large area. the other cheek is alittl lighter and has some white spots but is still... READ MORE

Do Laser Genesis and Limelight IPL Work for Melasma?

I'm Asian skin type, 40 year old female with melasma on both cheek for 5 years, i had tried a lot treatment such as chemical peel, fraxel, co2... READ MORE

Best Melasma Treatment?

I have Melasma and boy am I depressed. I have tried TCA Peel thrice. I thought about the Obagi skin care vs Meladerm vs Tri luma. Help. READ MORE

When Are Age Spots Diagnosed As Melasma?

At what point are "age spots" considered "melasma"? Is it the size of the spot that puts it in the latter category? Or percentage of the skin? I've... READ MORE

Is Cutera a Good Treatment Option for Melasma?

I have mild/moderate malasma on the left and right side of my eyes going up to my temples. Is CUTERA effective? READ MORE

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