Male Breast Reduction Videos

The Male Breast Gland: What Is It and What Does It Look Like?

Dr. Miguel Delgado shows a patients actual breast gland after surgical excision for Gynecomastia. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction: Don't Be Shy! It's More Common Than You May Think

Dr. Marc DuPere shares his experience working with patients interested in male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

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More Men Are Getting Breast Reduction Surgery Than Ever Before — According to This Doctor

Dr. Steven K. Struck explains how more men are getting plastic surgery today including surgery for gynecomastia or the removal of male breasts. He talks about 2 types of surgery. VIEW NOW

Learn the Causes of Male Breasts and Treatment Options

Dr. Miguel Delgado discusses the common causes of male breasts or gynecomastia and treatment for each. VIEW NOW

Men & Chest Surgery: See These Aquashape Results

Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim talks about removing man boobs with AquaShape liposuction in an interview with the Wellness Hour. VIEW NOW

Men and Cosmetic Surgery: It's More and More Popular, Says This Doctor

Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr., shares his experience working with male patients. Hear what he's seen. VIEW NOW

Learn About the Types of Pec Implants and What 3 Conditions They Can Treat.

Dr. Marc DePere explains the types of pec implants available for men and who is a candidate. Pec Implants can also be used in men with pectus excavatum, Poland's syndrome, and after a male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

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This Doctor Has a Different Approach to Treating Male Breasts

Dr. Gregory A. Buford explains his course of treatment for a male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

3 Ways to Get Rid of Male Breasts — The Doctor Explains Your Options

Dr. Grant Stevens explains three options for male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

Learn About the 7 Types of Male Breast Reduction

Dr. Joseph Thomas Cruise discusses the seven types of male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

3 Important Tips When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon, According to This Doctor

Dr. Christian Subbio talks about what you should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon and what questions to ask. VIEW NOW


Men Get BBLs Too! Learn About the Growing Trend

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta discusses the growing trend of men's plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

What to Wear After Surgery — Here's What the Doctor Suggests

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains what women and men should wear after surgery to optimize their results. VIEW NOW


Smoking and Plastic Surgery: Here's What You Need to Know

Dr. Larry S. Nichter discusses the benefits of quitting smoking before undergoing plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Watch This 23-Year-Old Man's Breast Reduction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jose M. Soler-Baillo performs a subcutaneous mastectomy on a 23-year-old man who developed male breast tissue from hormonal therapy. VIEW NOW