Hormones + Male Breast Reduction

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How Long could Teenage Boys Suffer from Male Boobs, when Should Surgery Be Considered?

When do most hormones balance for teenage boys and the breasts recede? When would be the earliest age that a teenager could have a male breast... READ MORE

Male Body Builder Chest Fat

Not sure if I have gyno and I've never taken steroids but I've got a well trained chest. My chest does have some fat puffiness and I look alot like... READ MORE

I Have a Completely Flat Chest but I Have Puffy Nipples. Is This Gynecomastia? 6'1'190lb

I am 6'1' and 190lbs. I am extremely athletic and am a pitcher. I have always had these puffy nipples but no other symptoms. My chest is... READ MORE

Could a Singer Lose His High Pitched Notes with Mammary Gland Removal?

If a tenor gets a brest reduction (mammary gland removal) surgery, could his voice be affected in any way? Lose his high pitched notes? How do... READ MORE

Can elevated prolactin levels cause or make gynecomastia worse, even though all other hormone tests are normal?

I'm 30 years old. Had gyno since 11. I have a soft tissue gland in my left pec. In 2009 my gyno got more prominent and last year it seemed to get even... READ MORE

Is it possible to 'prevent' gynecomastia almost perfectly by surgery?

I'm thinking about undergoing hormone replacement therapy in the future (of course under doctor's control) because of gender dysphoria and some other... READ MORE

I'm a Male with significant breast growth - should I remove them?

I'm an XXY Male. From 2008 I had an inoperable prolactinona. In Oct 2014 Sloan Kettering was able to remove multiple adenomas. In this time I grew... READ MORE

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