Fat + Male Breast Reduction

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Gynecomastia Surgery, I had this problem from my early 20’s, need recommendations for doctors.

I am having Gynecomastia which is enlarged male breast and excessive fat tissue. I had this problem from my early 20’s. Now I am seriously thinking... READ MORE

How Much Weight is Typically Lost After Male Breast Reductions?

What type of diet would you recommend to obtain and maintain the best post-surgical results? READ MORE

Will Results Be Satisfying if I Keep the Gland Tissue and Only Remove Fat?

I have Grade 2 Gynecomastia. My situation warrants the removal of glandular tissue through a small incision in addition to some fat via lipo. However,... READ MORE

Is It Right Procedure to Remove All Tissues and Fat Under Nipple Area with Vaser Gynecomastia Surgery?

My plastic surgeon told me that in gynecomastia surgeries they use Vaser and try to remove all the tissues and fat under the nipple area and a small... READ MORE

Do I have gynecomastia, pseudogyno, or just fat? What can I do to make it go away? (Photo)

I've had this issue since I was 11-12. I thought it would fade away. I think I may have gynecomastia. I was vegetarian about a year and a half ago and... READ MORE

Pure breast tissue gynecomastia, or just fat? Are there any non-surgical solutions to my problem? (Photo)

I was very overweight throughout elementary school and up until high school. In eighth grade, however, I wanted to lose weight, and underwent a crash... READ MORE

Do I have a gynacomastia or man boobs? (photos)

I've heavy upper body. Fat around chest seems to be more specially near nipples. i go to gym and can feel the chest muscle inside harder than this fat... READ MORE

I'm 34 yrs old male and want a Breast Reduction/ sculpting. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

34 year old healthy male wanting breast reduction/sculpting. done tests with endocrinologist who confirms no health issues but just glandular/fat in... READ MORE

7 week post op from Liposuction and Incision, do I need revision on Gynaecomastia surgery? (photos)

I am 7 weeks post op and very unhappy with my results, I had liposuction and incision but feel that there wasn't enough fat removed because my chest... READ MORE

Do I have chest fat or man boobs? What should I do to get rid of this condition? (Photo)

I am a 25 year old male with BMI 22.09. Do I have chest fat or man boobs? Pics are attached. Please tell me the things I need to do in terms of... READ MORE

Loose Skin or Chest Fat, which is it? What procedure should I have to fix it? (photo)

From 18-30 I been active and ate well. never over-weight concentrating now on builidng muscle mass. diet is great size is coming. chest although top... READ MORE

I'm 26 yrs old. Is this gynecomastia or fat? (photos)

I am 26, pls see this pics and tell me is this gynecomastia or fat.. READ MORE

Is it possible to diet/exercise away fat after gynecomastia surgery? Will pigmentation come back? (Photo)

I couldnt afford the lipo, so i just got the gland removed. Im almost 5 weeks post op and just started exercising again, but there is some fat on my... READ MORE

8 Days Post OP, is this crater deformity/nipple inversion? (photos)

My doctor used lipo to remove excess fats and incision around the nipple to take out the glands. Since day 1 post op I noticed huge craters under both... READ MORE

Is this a serious case of gyno? (photos)

Hi, i am 22 year old, the gyno appears when i was teenager(FAT) and since then its been a nightmare, i examine my breast and i find soft lumps under... READ MORE

How Far Can a Breast Reduction Go for a Medium-big B Cup? Gynecomastia

I have gynecomastia and am having surgery to get a reduction. I am kinda fat so I'm hoping the breasts left over will look like fat guy ones and not... READ MORE

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