Causes + Male Breast Reduction

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What Causes an Overgrowth of the Breast Tissue is Men?

What are the options to get rid of the excess tissue? READ MORE

Gynecomastia Crater/Nipple Sinking-in. Is This Edema? What Could This Be? (photo)

5 wk ago I had gyno surgery lipo & gland removal. 1.5 wk ago I noticed right in the middle of my nipples & areolas that my nipples were... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Surgery Post OP Swelling and Hardness?

I just had liposuction surgery around the chest area, there is a hardening swollen surface approximately 4-6cm tall and runs all the way across my... READ MORE

Shivers and Extreme Fatigue 3 Weeks After Surgery- Why?

Hello, i had gynocomastia surgery and stomach lipo. i was near ideal bodyweight so not much fat was removed. i'm 3 weeks post surgery and i have... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Causes and Symptoms

How do you know If large breasts on a man are "gynocomastia" or some other problem? Is it just from being obese/being fat? READ MORE

Will Propecia Cause Gynecomastia?

If so, does the gynecomastia go away after you stop using the Propecia? READ MORE

Multiple Gynecomastia Surgeries

I have had the surgery done twice now. The same thing occurred both times, when the wrap was first taken off i was completely flat, then within a... READ MORE

Can a Compression Vest for Chest Cause Spinal/back Damage?

I had gynecomastia surgery and have been wearing a compression vest as required post op. However, I've noticed my back and neck start to ache... READ MORE

My nipples have been swollen for quite some time, is it because I have masturbated all my life?

My nipples are swollen because of my masturbating all my life, can someone help with finding how to get my nipples back to regular it... READ MORE

I have Gynecomastia and I'm not sure how i got it.

I had this condition for about 4 years now.i know it wont go away so i will need surgery.i am 170 lbs at 5'11,so im in pretty good looks like... READ MORE

What's causing the lump under my nipple after Gynecomastia surgery? (Photo)

Hi i have gynecomastia sergury 11 months ago i fill lump under my nipple and is painful i have my scan done today and the docktor said i have scar... READ MORE

I'm 17 and over the past year I've lost weight. My man boobs have reduced in size but one is much bigger. Why is this?

Im concern as to why this is. My right breast is almost completely flat yet the left is noticeably bigger/fatter. Why is this? I also feel some... READ MORE

Loose skin or fat on chest - Why?

A couple of u said it seems like loose skin on my chest. Not sure how it is? Never lost weight fast or been overweight. Eaten correctly everything. It... READ MORE

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