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Prk Not Sure if Good - Long Island, NY

I am on day 5 and still cant drive or see very...

I am on day 5 and still cant drive or see very well my eyes still hurt alot as well need to go back to work doctor said I would need a few days but it is already 5.. not happy at all

where did you go to have the prk done? I went to De a russo in New Hyde Park Office about 2 1/2 weeks ago
Did you find the recovery process to be just as long? I am having mine done next Thursday morning and hope to return to work on the Tuesday...hopefully 4.5 days will be enough time to recover enough to work. A bit worried about having to stare at a computer for the whole day.
JSI I am still in the recovery process from what I understand. After reason a lot about it afterwards, people have dad 2 1/2 moths to 6 months for full perfectly clear vision. I will tell you that for me there was pain felt like sand under my eye lid. I also could not really see for 2 days. It had hurt when I saw light. The best advise I got was to " just sleep for 2 days after" At around the third full day I was ankle to watch tv and look at the computer for like 15 mins and then take a break from it. Light definitely hurt though. I do not want to scare you because I feel like I was scared and that's half the battle. I just want you to be prepared in what you might experience. I will also add as a firefighter I waited a week to return to work even light duty. I didn't want to chance messing up a 5,000$ procedure Especailly until I got the protective lens removed from my eyes. Now I'm a month and 2 weeks past and things are still fuzzy, and I am using wetting drops still to keep my eyes lubercated. Roughly 2 drops in each eye every hours or so. ( I hear dryness depends on the paitent ). But during the recovery process for a month straight I had to use ophyoxn and prednisone eye drops every 2hr for the ophyoxn and 4 hours for the prednisone while every 1/2 hour using the wetting drops ( all done only when you are awake ). Also another reason I really didn't return to work right away. As of today my left eye seems to be a lot better. Waiting for my right eye to catch up, I go back for a follow up In a week or so. I wish you the best of luck.google PRK recovery timelines and read ONLY THE POSITIVE FEEDBACKS it truly will put your mind at ease.
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