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Rippling and loose skin after Laser Lipo

Good Morning =) I had laser lipo about 5 years ago and I have some rippling and loose skin from it. I also have a fat pocket that runs in a... READ MORE

Revisions and Erythema Ab Liporaspiration After Liposuction

I'm 2 wks post-op to lipo on u/l abs, i/o thighs, hips & knees, & breast lift w/ aug. I have lumps & rippling in my abs & hard... READ MORE

Will Rippling on Belly and Fold on Inner Thighs Go Away or is This Permanent?

Am now 17 days post-lipo of inner/outer thighs, stomach, and back. A couple of days ago, I began to see rippling/waviness on my stomach and a fold of... READ MORE

Hard lumps and rippling. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had Power X liposuction to my upper/lower abdomen and flanks 14 days ago... I realize that this is very soon after the procedure and just want to... READ MORE

How Long Until I See Final Liposuction Result?

I underwent SAL of bilateral hips & flanks, lower back, bilateral inner and anterior thighs and knees. Four weeks later the edema is subsiding... READ MORE

Liposuction Not for Minimal Fat Removal?

I have consulted with two plastic surgeons who have both advised me that with the minimal amount of fat that I would have removed from my body, I... READ MORE

BodyTite Procedure. Is it Safe?

How big are scars? is there possibility of getting the "ripple effect" after procedure. can u get burnt? i am worried because the plastic surgeon i... READ MORE

Arm Lipo Caused Ripples?

Hi, I had arm lipo 6 months ago and one arm is fatter than the other, as well as....... when I flex my arm, lots of little dips and ripples show :( Is... READ MORE

What treatment would you suggest to correct liposuction to inside/outer thigh and knees? (Photo)

After having traditional lipo 15 years ago (I'm late 30's) I have been left with rippling, uneven skin, and creased knees. I underwent smartlipo (the... READ MORE

Any Options To Remove Ripples From A Fat Scalp?

Any Options To Remove Ripples From A Fat Scalp? READ MORE

Will Laser Lipo Help Smooth Ripples Left After Thigh Lift?

I had a thigh lift, inner, outer, a year ago. I have ripples on both upper thighs. Would laser lipo or liposculpture smooth and thighten this loose... READ MORE

1 month post op Neck Liposuction, there are hard knotty areas, ripples, and lines. Will this resolve itself? (photos)

I had neck liposuction a month ago. I wore the compression strap and wrap religiously. 2 weeks in, about 30 cc of fluid was drained. A week later,... READ MORE

Chances of Lumpy/rippling of Liposuction on a Small Area?

Hi ! I'm 21 years old, I weigh 129lbs and I'm 5"7. I'm having liposuction on my lower abdomen and my love handles on Wednesday. My doctor said he is... READ MORE

I have hard knots and skin ripping/cellulite in areas where I had Liposuction. How can I get rid of them?

I had tummy tuck and liposuction two years ago on 2011. Everything looked great in the beginning, but I noticed hard knots in the bottom of my back.... READ MORE

I had dog ears repaired after TT, with lip on hips and stomach. How can I get rid of the wrinkles I was left with? (Photo)

A few weeks post op I had some rippling &wrinkles &was told to start massage, however 2 months post op I have a lot of wrinkles! Will this smooth out... READ MORE

10 days post op and I have large areas of rippling/swelling to abs/flank/back. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 10days post op lipo to abd /flank/back with fat transfer , currently wearing high compression garment but I've notice areas of hard... READ MORE

Looking for a plastic surgeon in LA renown for amazing work in lipo re shaping of hip, thigh, waist area.

Looking for a plastic surgeon in LA renown for amazing work in lipo re shaping of hip, thigh, waist area. What are the chances if getting dents and... READ MORE

I am trying to get an hourglass frame. What would be the best for me? (Photo)

I am trying to get a hour glass frame, & nice silhouette & be able to fit my clothes better I've never been thin, & I've lost lbs since HS. really... READ MORE

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