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Is Calf Reduction Surgery Safe?

I heard about this, whats the procedure? is it safe and how painful is it? i heard some people also get liposucton done on the calves again how safe... READ MORE

Male Butt Reduction Surgery?

I am a 24 year old male with a very large buttock. I would like to get surgery done to drastically reduce the size of my buttock, as it lowers my self... READ MORE

What is the Average Cost Involved in a Knee, Cankle Reduction?

What is the Average Cost Involved in a Knee, Cankle Reduction? READ MORE

Is it possible to do a calf reduction, so that I would have smaller calves? (photo)

There are three things I absolutely do not like about my body, my nose, breast size, and calves. I know it's possible to get a nose job and breast... READ MORE

Is There a Safe Way to Reduce the Size of Calf Muscles?

I'm quite thin and small and my calves are grossly disproportionate to the rest of my body. I have 15.5 inch calves and 18 inch thighs (both measured... READ MORE

What Options Are There to Reduce the Size of my Calves?

I asked a similar question in the lipo section & I posted pics of my calves on that. Most doctors said 'no way' to lipo because my issue is bulky... READ MORE

What is Jowls? Do I Really Need a Jowls and Jawline Reduction? (photo)

Please see my pictures. My surgeon suggested that I could do jowls lipo to make me more youthful look. Do I really need a jowls reduction based on my... READ MORE

Mons Pubis reduction costs? UK.

I am 20 years old, 5ft '4in and weigh 123 pounds. How much it would cost for a mons pubis reduction as I have felt conscious about it since I was 15.... READ MORE

I Have a Very Big Butt, Can I Reduce It by Liposuction?

My butt size is upper body is in good shape.but my buttocks and thighs r too vital stats are is it better to try for... READ MORE

Puffy Nasal Labial After Cheek Liposuction?

12 years ago I had llipo suction to my cheeks. Afterwards my skin was broken and swollen however I was told this was to be expected and sure enough... READ MORE

Can I get liposuction on my boobs causing a reduction or is the only option breast reduction surgery?

Hi I'm a 32ddd , after talking to a doctor he recommended liposuction bacause it still want feeling in my boobsafterwards. Can I get liposuction... READ MORE

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