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How Much Fat Needs to Be Left Behind After Lipo to Have the Best Results?

I am a 30 yr old who had lipo on my tummy a year ago. I'm 5'6", 118 lbs, but have a tummy pooch. The surgery reduced it somewhat, but I... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Right for my Particular Situation?

Hello,I'm scared because i want liposuction on my lower abs and my hips I'm 25 male 5'10 171lbs size 30-32 waist,5 years ago i weighed... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a 25 inch waist with aggressive lipo? (photo)

I just had an amazing epiphany and I've decided that I am tired of dieting , juicing , starving etc. I will have lipo . I have back fat that never... READ MORE

I Want my Figure Back!

Hi, I'm a 59-year-old female. I'm approximately 5'10" at 160 lbs. I work out 3-4 days a week with a healthy diet but with problem areas. I had a... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Liposuction and Liposculpture?

I am a 37 year old mother of 2 with a bit of a pouch - I thought I may need a mini tuck but the doctor laughed at me so my question is - does lipo... READ MORE

Liposuction After C-Section For a Slim 25 Y/O?

I gave birth 3 years ago to a 10lb baby through c-section. I was at my starting weight of 130 lbs from 190 in 3 mo. I now have a small pouch that i... READ MORE

Should I do Liposuction first and then proceed with Tummy Tuck later in time? (photo)

I'm contemplating if I should do lipo first and then proceed with TT later in time. I work out everyday so I am pretty fit but due to pregnancy I have... READ MORE

I'm Not Sure What Procedure I Need? Lipo Under Chin 4 Weeks Ago and Still Have Pouch? (photo)

I had lipo done underneath my chin about four weeks ago and I still have that frog pouch going on. Not cute lol. I would like that gone. Also my face... READ MORE

I have an extreme case of back fat. Can Liposuction remove all my back fat? (photos)

I have the most extreme case of back fat ever! For some strange reason, all my body fat is on my back! I'm 12 stone medium built. I have a gym... READ MORE

Interested in getting Liposuction and wondering which procedure would be right for me and what areas I should get done. (photo)

I am 21, 5'1 and 100-105 pounds depending on my diet and exercise. I am mostly concerned about the pouch I have in my lower abdomen that has been... READ MORE

I had liposuction and am swollen in areas that didnt have liposuction. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi I had liposuction done on my lower back, sides and fat transfer nearly 3 weeks ago. My surgeon didn't tell me to wear a compression garment and I... READ MORE

Can liposuction take away the pouch and love handles near your back from having children?

Can liposuction take away that pouch you get from c sections I am 5"4 125 can I get rid of the pouch for good and could I tighten my stomach muscles... READ MORE

I would like to know, would I be a good candidate for micro body contouring or liposuction?

I'm 31 years old (female) 5'6 194lbs. I have lost a total of 72lbs as of now and only plan on losing another 20lbs. I thought maybe one of these... READ MORE

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