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Does Cavi-Lipo work? (photo)

I have two kids and since having my last child, I have developed a little bulge in my belly that I cannot get rid of. I am considering having... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Not Have Any Drainage? (photo)

I had liposuction on my abdomen, hips, thighs and knees yesterday and so far my body is completely dry. I'm not complaining! I just want to know if... READ MORE

Would these results for abdominal liposuction be realistic? (Photo)

Hi, I am scheduled for abdominal, flank, and back liposuction in April. I am 33 years professional old black female, 5 ft 10 in, 215lbs,no children.... READ MORE

What Should I Look for in Liposuction Before and After Photos?

When i'm looking at surgeons' before and after photos, what should I be looking for specifically? READ MORE

Will Liposuction Help My Chest and Lower Abdomen (Photos)

I'm 21yo M. My weight is 73KG and my Height is 176cm. I have been weightlifting for over 3 years with a perfect diet, and cardiovasicalur excersizes ... READ MORE

Lipo in thin/fit patient vs fat/obese patient? (photo)

I am 32/f, very fit and healthy. I train 5x/week and have a very clean diet - no junk what-so-ever. Yet, I have this small "belly".. My Dr. said I... READ MORE

Curvy in all the wrong places. Should I get lipo? (photo)

What sections do I need Lipo in in order to achieve a better or even an hourglass shape? And I do have deep hip depressions which make me appear boxy. Thx READ MORE

Would I get decent results from lipo? (Photos)

I Hate the crease in my stomach and the fat pooch. I feel like post baby I can't get rid of this mid section. A tummy tuck sounds like a long recovery... READ MORE

Should I have a tummy tuck or lipo on my abdomen? (Photo)

I am 40, 5'9"and 168 lbs. I am going to have a lipo on my buttox, inner and outer thighs (for approximately 3 liters removed) and my doctor... READ MORE

I'm going to have my inner and outter thighs liposuctioned - Is that enough to graft to my buttocks? (Photo)

Will that be enough fat for a butt graft to be performed? I'm 5'3 180 pounds and my fat is in my hips and thighs, no belly or back fat. READ MORE

Should I have inner thigh lipo and fat grafting to outer thigh for these results? (Photo)

I am having a bbl and during I wanted to know if inner thigh lipo for the "thigh gap" and a fat transfer to my outter thighs would give me sculpted... READ MORE

5-days post-op, my stomach looks almost exactly as it did before lipo. Did PS not take enough? (Photo)

23 years old & 118lbs pre-surgery. I had lipo done on my abs, flanks & hips. I am 8 days post-op & am becoming nervous about my results. The hips have... READ MORE

I don't have a lot of fat, but I still want minimal amounts removed under my jaw. Is this possible? (Photo)

I'm not overweight, if anything, I'm nearly underweight. But I'm kind of frustrated with the stubborn fat that underlines my jawline and chin. I... READ MORE

Is Inner Thigh Lipo Apparopriate for Me? (Photo)

Is possible to have a liposuction in my case? Or it will make me look sagy? READ MORE

Would it be a waste to have liposuction of my anterior thighs and knees before a pregnancy? (photo)

I want liposuction to improve the look of my anterior thighs and knees. I'm in great physical condition but carry most of my body fat on anterior... READ MORE

Liposuction on lower abdominal stomach - Am I a candidate? (Photo)

I want to get lipo., but I have most of my fat on the lower half of my tummy and it's soft fat. Do you think I'm a candidate for smart lipo or should... READ MORE

Is the bulge under my belly button due to swelling, seroma, or poor liposuction? (Photo)

I had liposuction (PAL) 7 weeks ago on my upper/lower abdomen and love handles. I noticed this bulge, since the day after my surgery. I had a foam... READ MORE

Assymetrical buttocks, what can I do? (photo)

My right butt cheek is way longer and fuller than the left cheek....also my right butt cheek has two folds instead of one....Please what can help... READ MORE

Help a doctor ruined my face I have severe pain on my right side and a super hard bump on my right cheek I am in pain (photo)

I have red lines on my neck and white bumps on my side:( my cheek area is all dimpled and there is an area that seems to go hard and soft it really is... READ MORE

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