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Two Surgeries Under General Anesthetics Within 2 Months Time?

As mentioned above, is it dangerous to have two surgeries under general anesthetics within two months time? One was wisdom teeth removal and the other... READ MORE

Is It True That Getting Lipo Multiple Times Can Make the Area(s) Look Worse and Lumpy?

Is it true that getting lipo multiple times can make the area(s) look worse? Lumpy even! READ MORE

Do I Appear to Be a Candidate for Liposuction of the Abs/back/flanks? (photo)

I used to have a very curvy figure, but after taking lupron for 1 year I gained 20lbs and I no longer have a waist. I would like to get my waist back.... READ MORE

I Want Multiple Things Done to Me? (Lipo, BBL, Breast Lift) (photo)

I'm 18, 5'3 1/2, 167lb and have had this sort of awkward body all my life, I exercise daily and actually find it enjoyable as well as eat right but I... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Get Rhinoplasty, Breast Lift, and Liposuction at the Same Time?

I would like to get those three procedures done sometime this year. I want a little bit of lipo on my stomach, a breast lift, and a rhinoplasty. Is it... READ MORE

21 wks post op, my stomach is uneven, rippling, dents. What went wrong with my liposuction? Is it fixable with revision? (photo)

I had lipo 21 weeks ago with a bbl. my stomach is uneven, rippling/waves @ dents secluded to my left side. What could have caused this? I researched... READ MORE

I Have Had Multiple Liposuction Procedures in The Last Few Years, Am I Addicted?

Hi,I have had 6 lipos,starting with ab's and back ,then outer thighs,inner thighs,arms and want to go in for another one soon,i am 52 ,its become... READ MORE

I Want Surgery Abroad? (photo)

I am in Australia but wish to leave, I have no family or career here and am planning on travelling extensively. There for am looking for the right... READ MORE

I'm Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift; Should I Get Less Lipo Areas or More? How Will This Effect my Recovery?

After a consult and quoting I have decided it's either best to go all the way (3 extra lipo areas-- upper back, inner thighs, and arms) or just... READ MORE

How Many Areas Can Be Done in One Visit?

I want to remove my fat at my inner & outer thigh , lower tummy , waist (love handles). Normally , is it too much to remove in one times ? Or... READ MORE

Will Getting Liposuction in Multiple Areas Effect the Results?

I have heard that because someone had liposuction in say 3+ areas their results did not turn out as well as if they had gotten the areas done at... READ MORE

Lipo Abdomen, Lipo 3/4 Back, Implants, Breast Lift, Hips Tapered? (photo)

I got a breast lift and implant that was suppose to make my breast even & fuller (cleavage look) and they are sagging low only three months and... READ MORE

Are 6 Areas of Liposuction, Mini TT and Fat Transfer to Cheek Safe to Do in One Surgery?

I'm a 5' tall, weigh about 132 lbs, age 45, very healthy. I am considering to do body-jet liposuction on my inner & outer thighs, flank/back, arm,... READ MORE

Can I Have Aditional Lipo on Other Areas 2 Days After a Bbl?

I'm due to have a BBL in june and have my stomach, flanks/lower back lipoed to get the fat, my dr said he can only take out 5000ccs at a time, id also... READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old, 5'4, 240 lbs. Am I a candidate for a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction? (photos)

I'm 24 have 2 kids I'm 5'4 and weigh 240 lbs but all of my weight is located in my belly I don't have huge hips or a big butt is all in my belly is it... READ MORE

Is it safe having liposuction and breast implants combined the same day? (photo)

I am going to get a liposuction ( full back , full abdomen and flanks ) and also breast implants and might get a lift . Is it safe to perform all this... READ MORE

2 months post op of Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift. Why am I so itchy still?

I'm 2 months post op lipo and bbl. I am so itchy on my lipo parts (back and thighs mainly ) I want to rip my skin off. It's worse at night and is... READ MORE

Should I do Liposuction first and then proceed with Tummy Tuck later in time? (photo)

I'm contemplating if I should do lipo first and then proceed with TT later in time. I work out everyday so I am pretty fit but due to pregnancy I have... READ MORE

What Percentage of Your Patients Have Multi-procedures (Such As Lipo and Breast Reduction) at Once?

I think breast aug and tummy tuck is another common multi procedure. Just wondering how many people have both at once? READ MORE

Can liposuction be performed on fatty outer arms/shoulders & high upper back? If so, what type do you recommend? (Photo)

I am a 35 y/o woman that is currently looking to undergo 1.) a full brachioplasty/arm lift, 2.) a full tummy tuck with back lipo, and 3.) a breast... READ MORE

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