Muffin Top + Liposuction

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Lipo or Tummy Tuck for Muffin Top After Myomectomy?

I am 5’5”, 174 lbs, and 3.5 weeks post op from abdominal myomectomy for fibroids. Prior to surgery, I needed to lose 15 pounds and had... READ MORE

The Dr. Oz Show Said They Had a New Cutting Edge Lipo for Muffin Top. $2500 What is It?

I was watching the Dr. Oz show and they were showing results for "a new cutting edge" Lipo procedure for Muffin top. They said the range is... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Correct Liposuction Outer Thighs Results?

I had Liposuction of outer thighs done over a year ago, and I feel a little too much fat was taken out. I read about fat transfer and was wondering if... READ MORE

Not Enough Fat Removed After Liposuction?

I had an abdominal Liposuction on June 12th, 2009 to correct a muffin top that resulted from a myomectomy to remove uterine fibroids last year. My... READ MORE

Hot Yoga After Lipo on "Muffin Top"?

It's been 11 days since I had lipo on my "muffin top". Can I do hot yoga? READ MORE

Can I JUST Lipo my Lovehandles? (photo)

I'm getting lipo on my stomach. My main problem is the muffin top. But two things: 1. I'm worried about lumpiness and coming out uneven. Will my body... READ MORE

How Can I Improve (W/O More Scaring) my Post TT Side Pouches? Do New Treatments Such As Zeltiq Work in my Case? (photo)

Ever since my tummy tuck I have these ridiculous muffin tops. Could a combination of exercise and Zeltiq or other new and non-invasive treatments... READ MORE

My Muffin Top Fat is Abnormal, is Liposuction the Right Way to Go About It? (photo)

I am 18years old, 4"11 and only 126pounds. I have one side larger and shaped differently than the other. I drop a lot of weight fast everywhere BUT my... READ MORE

Liposuction or Alternatives (Better Pics)

 I'm 35. My hips/butt are always super tone. 5 2-117lbs. Average weight=110. Gained 35 lbs in 1 yr on antidepressants, pooch is worse and now... READ MORE

Can Areas Not Treated with Lipo Swell Too?

Hello, I am 3 days post-op. I had liposuction on my lower abdomen to remove my persistent "muffin top." My PS removed 200 cc's of fat from that area.... READ MORE

I'm 5'5" and 119 Pounds. I Had Myomectomy Oct/05, 25 Days Ago and Got a Muffin Top?

I know it is too early to tell but even though 6 pounds of fibroids taken (13 of them) I did not have a belly before and now this...What should I do... READ MORE

I'm Extrmely Self Concious... Can Liposuction Help Me?

I'm 18 5'7 and 192 pounds. I have always been rather large and extremely uncomfortable. I am not looking for liposuction to reduce my weight. I have... READ MORE

HELP PLEASE! Am I a Good Candidate for Back, Muffin Top, and Arm Liposuction?

I'm 20 yrs & have lost about 40 pounds but my back fat never responds to the weight loss. I want to fit and look better in my clothes! My back fat... READ MORE

How long will it take for the swelling to go down? I'm 10 weeks post op.

10 weeks ago I had traditional liposuction carried out on my upper, lower abdomin, waist, muffin top and flanks. I have wore the corset virtually this... READ MORE

I had severely aggressive full body liposuction, and do not look any different after 10 months. How is this possible? (Photo)

10 full months after having had severely aggressive full body liposuction, I do not look, feel or weigh any different than I did prior to the surgery.... READ MORE

Do I need liposuction? (photos)

Hi, I had a full tummy tuck in August, so it's been 4 months - I know that to see the full effect I should wait 7 months, and it's all healed well but... READ MORE

How important is it that the exact area that you want to be sculpted is treated? (Photo)

I have just recently had a session of cryogenic lipolysis. I requested it be for my "muffin top". It was only when I got home and actually looked at... READ MORE

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