Mons Pubis + Liposuction

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Liposuction or Monsplasty for Chubby Mons Pubis?

I have an extremely chubby mons pubis and to a lesser extent, labia majora. In a bikini, it looks like I'm packing like a 9-year-old boy. I am, and... READ MORE

How Can You Get Rid of Enlarged Mons Pubis?

Hi im 19, 5'4 and weigh about 120 something and i have a little bit enlarged mons pubis and i don't wear bathing suits or bikinis because of it...I... READ MORE

Buried Penis, Scrotum, Constriction/Pain. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi I'm 25 years old and weigh 220 lbs and have a large fat mass surrounding my penis and scrotum. Penis size is normal. The glans frequently... READ MORE

Teenager with Enlarged Mons Pubis: Normal, Cost of Surgery?

Im 16 im 5'8 and 160 and i have an enlarged mons pubis i dont wear like bikinis of anything that shows my body off all of my friends have seen me... READ MORE

Lipo or Mons Pubis Reconstructive? (photo)

I don't really know the difference between the two, if there is any but from when i can even remember i've always had the issue of the little "hood"... READ MORE

Really Large Mons Pubis - Will Lipo Be Enough?

I have a large fat pad over my pubis. The excess fat in my pubic area would fill out one of the cups in my D-Cup bra. I'm 6' tall and 200lbs... READ MORE

How do I get rid of excess fat on my mons pubis without surgery?

Im underage & the thought of surgery makes me shudder. Is there a possible way to work out & have the fat go away? Please help you have no idea how... READ MORE

Can a Vagina Get Lipo?

I am 6mth postop TT  and love the results and my incision. but now after so many years feeling self conscious over my hanging belly I am feeling... READ MORE

I Have a Fatty Mons Pubis and I'm Considering Lipo. Are There Sexual Complications to a Procedure Like This?

I am so ashamed of the fat I have on my mons pubis. It hinders me from so many things in life. I always had a larger area of fat in that region, but I... READ MORE

How Long Until I See Pubic Liposuction Results

Hi.. i am 2 weeks post op from having liposuction the mons pubis(200 cc) and abdomen and flanks (700 cc) combined. the first week i saw results in... READ MORE

Lipo of Mons Pubis and How to Reduce Swelling/Edema of This Particular Area?

I believe this is a very challenging area to reduce swelling because I sit all day at work. Its only been a week since my surgery and i do understand... READ MORE

Mons Pubis Lipo?

After having a tummy tuck in 2005 the area of the mons is very fatty. Can lipo be done to this area alone and if so what is the average cost in New... READ MORE

Liposuction of Mons Pubis?

I've been embarrassed about the size of my pubic mound for as long as I can remember. I've never been overweight and most people consider me... READ MORE

Excess Skin on Mons Pubis Male Please Help I've Looked Everywhere?

Im 6'2 I use to be 257 now I weigh 178 and have excess skin on the pubic bone that stretches when I get a erection. What can I have done to have this... READ MORE

How Long Does Firmness of the Mons Pubis Last After Liposuction of That Area?

2 weeks postop. Contour is very much improved.. However, top of mons is very firm.. When will it soften up? READ MORE

My Pubic Area is Protruded..Can I Get my Pubic Area Like Other Normal Girls Through Surgery?

Im 22 and my body weight is 38 kg i've always been thin, I never gained weight more than this. My pubic bone is hard and protruded can't wear tight... READ MORE

Large Mons Pubis, What Procedure? (Photo)

I have always had a large mons pubis since teenage years (friends and family say its normal, but I see it as abnormally pudgy). Now that I am old... READ MORE

Will the Skin Sag/be Loose After Liposuction? (photo)

Dear Doctor, I am thinking of getting a liposuction done on the abdomen/flanks/pubic area, I have seen three plastic surgeons and two of them have... READ MORE

Pubic Fat Pad Reduction Surgery?

I'm looking to have pubic fat pad surgery. I was 257 pounds at my heaviest now I'm 6'2 175 pounds. So I'm not overweight and have a pretty much a flat... READ MORE

Male Monsplasty or Mons Liposuction or Both? Local or General Anesthesia? Cost?

I had a belt lipectomy in July 2011. The abdomnioplasty portion did lift the mons a bit but it is still slightly puffy and elevated below the scar... READ MORE

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