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How Long Do Sensitive, Firm Bumps Last After Liposuction? (photo)

I had tumescent liposuction to my upper/lower abdomen, flanks,& back 7 weeks ago with a total of 4.5 liters of fat removed and I have a few areas... READ MORE

How Long Does Lipo Suction Last? A Temporary Fix?

I have been told that liposuction is a temporary fix. I heard that it does not really tighten the body and that the fat will eventually come back even... READ MORE

How Long Will Seroma Last After Inner Thigh Liposuction?

I had inner thigh lipo now I have a seroma how long will it last? READ MORE

Fat Cells Return 6 Months After Liposuction?

I had a consultation today and was told that because I had a higher than average BMI, the fat removed from liposuction would completely return within... READ MORE

When Will Seroma After Lipo Go Away?

I had inner thighs lipo on 2/5/10 by the second week of recovery I developed a seroma on one side only. The lower part of my inner thigh. My Dr.... READ MORE

Is Water Assisted Lipo Better for Breast Fat Transfer Survival?

Hi I have read that Water Assisted Lipo helps fat to survive better than Smart Lipo for Breast Fat Transfer. Is this true? Also, does the addition of... READ MORE

I am 15 days post op. I had liposuction on my full abdomen, flanks and mid and lower back. Any suggestions? (photos)

Some days I look flat with lumpiness a d some days my stomach pokes out. How long does thst last? READ MORE

How long should I wear a compression garment after Liposuction?

I had lipo in April 2014 and still have residual swelling. the moment I start my day my swelling goes up 2 inches in my mid section. i have been... READ MORE

Lipo burn marks and discoloration. How long until they go away? (photos)

I am 3 months post-op liposuction from the abdomen and back, with fat transfer to the buttocks. I have one burn mark and discoloration from the... READ MORE

How long does the pain last after having liposuction?

I recently had a full tummy tuck, bbl & hips, and lipo of my upper and lower back. I still have a lot of pain on my sides and my back. When will this... READ MORE

How long do I have to wear the compression garment after Liposuction?

How long do I "have to" wear the compression garment? In addition, if I don't wear the compression garment or wear a garment much looser, will this... READ MORE

How long will liposuction last?

I am 17 and fairly skinny all over but I've always had a small section of fat on my lower stomache and no matter how much I excercise it doesn't go... READ MORE

Thigh liposuction: hematomas/seromas and pain when standing up; how long can it last?

I had a lot of lipo on the thighs 3 weeks ago and am wondering if the pain I'm feeling is normal and how long it can last; I don't feel anything when... READ MORE

How Long Does it take to notice the lbs removed after Lipo?

I had lipo 4 weeks ago and was told that they removed 6lbs of Fat. I have now returned to my original weight pre surgery. however should I already... READ MORE

6 weeks post op Liposuction, how long will it take for the bumps to go down? (photos)

I got a lipo done almost 6 weeks ago, I am doing lynphatic dranage massage about 4 times a week, I have big bumps still, I would like to know if those... READ MORE

How many days should I stay after Lipo?

I only want lipo to my arms full back and stomach how many days should i stay in miami since am from ny? also what things would i need to buy for this... READ MORE

How long is recovery for Lipo on flanks and whole stomach?

Will I be able to return to work ie driving and very light lifting after 9 days off. Please help READ MORE

2 weeks post op thigh liposuction, my feet are swollen too much. Is it normal?

2 weeks ago I did lipo to my thigh, knee , trank. My feet and my ankle are too much swollen , is it normal? What should I do to relieve this swollen??... READ MORE

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