Fat Graft + Liposuction

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Best Liposuction Technique

What is the best type of liposuction to remove more fat from the abdomen? i have a small to medium body frame but i gain weight more on my breasts n... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Correct Crater Deformity After Liposuction

I had liposuction of abdomen and chest. The results were bad and not to my expectations. I was left with crater deformities behind the nipples. Would... READ MORE

Correcting Liposuction Dent on Thigh?

I had Liposuction performed on my outer thighs bout 3 weeks ago. I have recently noticed a sort of "dent" under my butt. I am assuming this is due to... READ MORE

What Can I Expect For Cost of Lipo and Fat Transfer?

My husband and I have been talking about this for a few years.. I don't like my the way my body looks I have a large spare tire and fat on my back... READ MORE

Liposuction Went Wrong: What Next?

I had a liposuction a few years ago in my abdomen. it didn't go well.The doctor took too much fat. I consulted a doctor and he suggest grafting... READ MORE

Fat Grafting After Buttocks Liposuction

I had a buttocks liposuction around 3 weeks ago, after the swellings went down i have 2 quite deep creases at each side,1 where my buttocks crease is... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Botched Lipo Correction? (photo)

1st Lipo 12 months + 2nd - 10 months back. I don't wish to touch "virgin areas" of lipo to avoid further possible setbacks. I wish to go for... READ MORE

Where is the placement of incisions/sutures when having lipo on inner and outer thighs, abdomen and fat grafting to Buttock?

Where is the placement of incisions/sutures when having lipo on inner and outer thighs, abdomen and fat grafting to sides of buttocks READ MORE

Will Liposuction make my abdomen have a lot more extra skin? (photos)

I recently had a consult for fat grafting where they take fat from my stomach, love handles, and under my bra area to enhance my buttocks. I am 22... READ MORE

Would Fat Grafting or an Incision to Pull Layers of Fat into the Huge Indentation on my Hip Work Better? (photo)

About 9 months ago I noticed 2 seperate dimples in my left hip about 4 inches apart. Over the 9 months they have grown into 1 huge indent. I have been... READ MORE

I Had Lipo on Saddlebag Area. Now I Have a Big Dent Under Left Buttocks. Will Fat Grafting Work for This? (photo)

I had lipo on saddlebag area. now i have a big dent under left buttocks . will fat grafting work for this . what can be done . should my goal just to... READ MORE

What is Riggotomies and How is It Done? Is It Different from Fat Grafting?

Here is one suggestion for my problem of over-suctioned lipo and that is "Riggotomies". This is very new for me. I searched the net. I am not able to... READ MORE

Should I have inner thigh lipo and fat grafting to outer thigh for these results? (Photo)

I am having a bbl and during I wanted to know if inner thigh lipo for the "thigh gap" and a fat transfer to my outter thighs would give me sculpted... READ MORE

Are 6 Areas of Liposuction, Mini TT and Fat Transfer to Cheek Safe to Do in One Surgery?

I'm a 5' tall, weigh about 132 lbs, age 45, very healthy. I am considering to do body-jet liposuction on my inner & outer thighs, flank/back, arm,... READ MORE

Is tickle liposuction and fat injections enough to restore sagging jawline? (photo)

I am a 57 and have developed sagging cheeks, jowls and excess fat under my chin/neck. I would like a more defined, youthful jawline and am considering... READ MORE

How Painful is Fat Grafting (Botched Lipo) and Effective Under Local Tumescent Anaesthesia?

I have had two time liposuction in lower ab and inner thigh (wrong area done). All the fat from these two areas is suctioned out. Now these are... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Liposuction? (photos)

Do I have enough fat for grafting/fat transfer to my butt? Is it necessary to gain some weight? I am physically active as much as I can be with a f/t... READ MORE

How Long To Wait For Revision After Lipofilling?

I would like to know when the resorption of fat cells after a lipofilling to the cheeks stops and when a revision is to be considered. Also, how long... READ MORE

Lipo On Lower Cheek and Jawline is Too Thin Now?

I am 28 years old and I did a lower cheek liposuction and the surgeon took too much fat from my jawline line and now my jawline look very thin. I am... READ MORE

Inner thigh lipo, uneven, saggy skin close to the legs (I had no saggy skin before). Do you suggest grafting fat again? (photo)

I got lipo to in inner thighs for fat grafting donation, Now I have lumpy, uneven inner thighs, with specific saggy and wrinkled skin in the parts... READ MORE

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