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Is Ultrasonic Liposuction Safe for Excess Fat in Head?

I have an excess fat in the left side area of my head because I have a fracture. I went to a doctor and he advised me to proceed with the Ultrasonic... READ MORE

If Hypothetically All Body Fat Were Liposuctioned, Where Would Excess Calories Go?

Hypothetically, if a healthy 120 lb, 5'4" female who ate a steady diet of 1300 calories and exercised everyday were to be liposuctioned on... READ MORE

Will Additional Liposuction Ruin Already Poor Thigh Lift Results?

I am 16 days post op from what was supposed to have been full body lipo with massive debulking of my thighs and inner thigh lift with short scar. I am... READ MORE

Would Liposuction Alone Improve the Neck and Chin Area?

I really was not considering a Face Lift or Neck Lift if possible, as I am going to be going through a Tummy Tuck. Quite honestly, I am 40 years old ... READ MORE

I have excessive fats under my armpits. Could you tell me the best possible method to remove this? (photo)

I have had this even before when i havenā€˜t gained some weight. I have asked a doctor and she said it could be adipose fat. It really bothers me, and... READ MORE

Why Do Some People See No Results from Liposuction Even Though There is Clearly Excess Fat Present?

I had VASER lipo for buttock reduction and see almost no reduction even though there is absolutely excess fat present. Why would this not work if the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction or similar procedures? (photos)

I'm a 31 y.o and work out hard four to five times per week with a personal trainer. I follow a meal plan given by him and have gained muscle and lost... READ MORE

DO I need lipo? (photo)

I'm having a full TT and my PS is advising on lipo of my love handles. Is this necessary? Or can I just loose a little weight and get rid of the... READ MORE

Will a surgeon perform chest Liposuction on me for minor amounts of fat?

I'm pretty slim but my chest feels like it doesn't fit the rest of my body. There is minor excess fat on my chest that isn't too apparent from the... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of Neck liposuction?

I am having a neck ,fit along with a facelift. The doctor suggested his using liposuction during the neck lift to eliminate excess fat. What are the... READ MORE

I'm size 10, 60kgs, 5'3. I'm having lipo. If I have my entire body done, where would excess fat go?

I am booked into having PAL lipo to my arms, back, stomach, love handles, bum, thighs qnd chin. If i am having so many places lipo'ed, that leaves... READ MORE

Will Liposuction or any non surgical method help my little flappy nipples look better ?

Will Liposuction or any non surgical method help my little flappy nipples look better ? Also i have 10 pounds of excess weight .. when i've no excess... READ MORE

What can I expect?

I'm very worried about my lower abdomen. I am little and scrawny for my age. When I was young I was quite chubby but during puberty (around 13-14) I... READ MORE

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