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Liposuction Drainage

I have an appt scheduled in late Jan to get liposuction on my abs and flanks done, then soon after I'll be going back for my inner and outer thighs..... READ MORE

Air Pocket Under Skin After Lipo Without Drainage

I had Lipo done on my abs, hips, flanks and upper back 3 days ago, and there was no drainage put in. I have 10 holes and was told that they would only... READ MORE

What is a Liposuction Drain & What Does It Do?

I've been reading up a lot and considering a Tummy Tuck. I have a tight abdomen but loose skin and stretch marks. I was advised that Smart Lipo would... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Lipo to You Entire Abdomen, Flanks and Back and Not Get Drains?

I had Lipo in my entire abdomen, flanks and back with fat trasnfered to my buttocks and I didn't get drains put in does that affect my recovery?... READ MORE

Looking to Do Lipo and Fat Transfer to my Buttocks; Will I Need Someone To Help Me With My Children For More Than 1 Week?

I`m 30 years old with 148 pounds. and 5'7.Im looking to do a lipo and fa trasnfer to my buttocks..I have now 2 childrens age 6 month and 3 years.... READ MORE

7 Days After Traditional Lipo the Drain Was Removed and Now Fluid is Forming Where the Drain Began and Ended? (photo)

I had tradtional lipo on my flank, abs, and love handles 10 days ago; the drain was removed 3 days ago because it was extremely painful. Now it... READ MORE

Does my Lipo Drainage Tube Site Looked Infected? (photo)

I just had lipo one week ago. I just now noticed a light colored scab that probably has puss in it and redness around the area. No pain. I am taking... READ MORE

Will Seroma Go Away Without Surgery?

I underwent liposuction about 11 days ago... Once drainages were taken out I started to develop a seroma on one side of my abdomen... So far I've been... READ MORE

Normal to Drain +2 Weeks After Liposuction?

I had liposuction done on my stomach, back, and flanks two weeks ago. Three days after the surgery I started a session of 10 Lymphatic Drainage... READ MORE

If You Stitch Up the Holes After Giving Them a Few Days to Drain Does It Eliminate the Little Circular Scars? (photo)

I had lipo 3 years ago and I still have little circular scars, they're not bad but I'm in the entertainment industry so I need to not make new scars.... READ MORE

When can my drain tube be removed after liposuction?

Still draining after 6 days of lipo - light pink fluid - is this common - have my post op visit on Tuesday - can I get the tube out then - READ MORE

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