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4 Months Post Lipo: Should I Still Be Swollen and Unable to See New Shape?

Lipo to iliac crest, sacral fat pad, abdomen, arms, waist,and outer thighs. I used to have a smooth silhouette and a nicely proportioned hourglass.... READ MORE

Will Additional Weight Loss (10lbs) After Lipo of Abs and Flanks Hurt my Results?

I am having lipo of abs and flanks on 2-28-11 and I was wondering if after I recover I want to lose an additional 10lbs would it have a negative... READ MORE

Compression Garment too tight. I damaged my skin, can you please tell me how I can help it heal faster? (photos)

I had lipo about 10 days ago. I put on the second faja at 1 week. It felt tight but I thought as long as I could tolerate it, it would be fine. Well... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon damage muscle in outer thigh/buttocks during lipo? What specialist would know if damage was done? (Photo)

I had lipo done 2 yrs ago by a PS. It hasn't healed fully. There's still a scab at the core. I have trouble walking even short distances. As I walk... READ MORE

My neck liposuction is horrible. Could I be permanently damaged? Will cortisone shots help?

Neck lipo 2 weeks ago. No healing progress. Followed PS instructions: head elevation, compression garment, ice first week heat the second. Neck looks... READ MORE

How likely is sciatic nerve damage through Liposuction/BBL fat transfer? Can that lead to paralysis ?

I am planning on having a secound round of BBL with liposuction fat grafting and I suffer from low back pain; I believe was from my previous BBL. READ MORE

6 yrs post op Liposuction, I still have pain every night when I lie down. Is this normal?

In 2008, I had liposuction on the back and outer side of my legs. After all these years, I am unable to sleep on either side for more than a couple of... READ MORE

I didn't wear my garments after liposuction. Is it possible that the contouring my doctor did will be damaged?

I had liposuction 3 weeks ago I slept without my garments last night. Is it possible that the contouring my dr did will be damaged because I didn't... READ MORE

Can a doctor accidentally stab you in your back (spine) or stomach while doing lipo? Does this cannula scrape the insides?

I have been freaking myself out lately watching BBL videos in Youtube. I was looking at the canula sometimes pointing downward during liposuction. Is... READ MORE

I'm having a severe reaction to neck liposuction. Can you suggest a suitable treatment?

I'm sorry I can't download a photo. 2 weeks after neck lipo I have a very thick, hard, bumpy and protruding area from just under my chin to mid neck... READ MORE

I had two treatments of lipo cavitation and wonder if I did abdominal muscle damage. Will this pain go away?

I had two treatments of lipo captivation on my abdomen and since have a upper abdominal muscle pain and cramping. I stopped treatments . Will this... READ MORE

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