Cavitation + Liposuction

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Lipo-cavitation Treatments?

Does this procedure work well for removing fat off the waist? I am not over weight be would like a smaller waist. What would be my best option for... READ MORE

Do ultrasonic liposuction cavitation slimming machines work?

I had a miscarriage a year ago and have been gaining all my weight in my stomach ever since. I can diet and exercise most of it off but still have 3-5... READ MORE

Lipo Cavitation Does Work If My Doctor Says My Stomach Muscles Need to Be Fixed? (photo)

I had a lipo and fat transfer almost 5 weeks ago. Dr left fat on my belly. He saw that fat and spoke to me about it.but he said remove the fat will be... READ MORE

Is Ultrasonic Lipocavitation with the Evolase Device Safe?

I do realize that such non-surgical techniques can't deliver what surgical liposuction can. However I'd like to know, first and foremost, whether it... READ MORE

Cavi Lipo. So Many Different Opinions out There. Is It Permanent?

I have fat pockets around my inner knees after ACL sx., lower quad, and inner thigh asymmetry due to atrophy and harvesting of my hamstring. 136... READ MORE

Does Anyone Have Any Real Information About Cavitation Liposuction?

I live in Europe and many places have now started to offer cavitation liposuction. Recently there have been a lot of groupon deals making it very... READ MORE

Cavitation/ultrasound After Liposuction Same Areas. How Should I Time It?

Dear, I have done a liposuction around the abdomen areas. I also want to do cavitation/ultrasound at the same areas (abdomen) after the liposuction.... READ MORE

What is the difference between Cavitation Lipo and Laser Lipo?

I want to have a treatment but do not know which treatment effectiveness is better. Two treatment together is too expensive. READ MORE

Lipo Cavitation/Lipo Laser - Fibroids/Triglycerides/Liver?

Help with these questions: 1) Difference btwn lipolaser and cavitation / radiofrequency 2) Do they promote cell formation? my uterine fibroids grew... READ MORE

Severe Nausea and Cramping Day After Cavitation Lipo?

I had my first session of cavitation lipo yesterday evening on my abdomen. I always drink at least 80oz of water a day and eat healthy. I went to the... READ MORE

Can the non-invasive treatment procedures ultrasonic cavitation and laser lipolysis be done together?

The mechanism of action is different- I am curious if they would hinder efficacy or if secondary laser treatment would speed the emulsification. ALSO,... READ MORE

ABC Titanium plate and screws and Ultrasonic Cavitation on my thighs, buttocks, and tummy?

I have an ABC Titanium plate and screws in my neck on C/6 - C/7. Can I have an Ultrasonic Cavitation done on my thighs, buttocks, and tummy? READ MORE

Lipo Cavitation if You Have a Metal Hip Implant?

Warnings say you cannot do lipo cavitation on someone with a metal implant. I have had a hip replacement so wonder if I am a candidate, and if not, why READ MORE

What is the effect of lipocavitation in early pregnancy?

I was given lipocavitation sessions as a gift. I had my abdomen done. 2 weeks after my last session, i found out i was 4 weeks pregnant. Should i be... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cavitation - Is it effective? (photo)

Awhile back a friend brought these items to my attention as a great tool for sculpting and "melting fat", she swore that she saw before and after... READ MORE

I have DM 2 and would like to undergo lipo cavitation for my back fat. Is this advisable? (photo)

I am 32 years old. I have DM2 (for 12 years now). From oral maintenance meds, i opted to switched to insulin two years back. My sugar is well... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix this horrible lipo work? (Photo)

I had a BBL last year and a revision on my lower abdomen for the lipo in May of this year. After the revision my lower stomach is flatter without the... READ MORE

Is it okay to have ultrasonic cavitation lipo on thighs? Will it effect the staples in my jaw?

I had maxillofacial jaw surgery about 5 years ago. I had an open bite and over bite. The top jaw was reconnected with 4 staples. READ MORE

What is the best technique to lose some inches?

I cant decide between Cavitation Sessions +Electro Infrared Pressotherapy + EMS Electro Stimulation or fat freezing? READ MORE

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