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Can Liposuction Treat Bulge in Breasts to Armpit Area?

My breasts seem to be moving toward my arm pits. I am 60 so they are pretty flabby, I wear a 34D bra, but it is very hard to find bras that fit well... READ MORE

Is Abdominal Bulge After Liposuction Normal?

I had liposuction in my upper & lower abdomen, love handles, & lower back 2 months ago. Most of the discomfort is gone. About one month after... READ MORE

Liposuction, Body Contouring or Tummy Tuck Enough for Bulges?

I'm 27 years old, I weight 260 lbs and I'm 5 ft even. I have tried all kinds of diets and some have worked. However, when I lose weight I usally gain... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have a Big Belly Bulge After Stomach Liposuction?

Most of the fat was removed, and I do not feel bloated or distended. Could this just be how my body is shaped? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Bulge on Outer Thighs 3 Months After Lipo?

I had 4 areas done with the tickle lipo, only 1.5 liters total. My outer thighs have a weird bulge now.It's been 3 months. The bulge was not there... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Love Handle Lipo: Is This Dent Normal Swelling or Left over Fat?

I had a FTT & Lipo of the love handles. As you can see in the full rear picture the Right Side has settled down, but the Left side is still... READ MORE

Inner/Outer Thigh Lipo Bulge from Garment

I had inner/outer liposuction of the thighs 5 days ago. The surgical center did not put on the compression garment correctly and the top of my inner... READ MORE

Can I Have Liposuction a Year After a Mini Tummy Tuck, Or Should I Consider Another Procedure?

I had a mini tummy tuck a year ago but I'm not happy with the result. I exercise 4 times a week but have not achieved a flat tummy as my mid tummy is... READ MORE

I have undergone liposuction 2 years ago, from last 6 months my tummy muscles bulged out. Is this diastasis recti?

I have undergone liposuction 2 years ago, from last 6 months my tummy muscles bulged out. As i do regular exercises & crunches. Is this diastasis... READ MORE

What Type of Slimming Treatment Would You Recommend for Gastronomical Problems Patients?

I have bulging tummy and belly, which is due to the cause of indigestion or gastronomy issue. No amount of minimal diet or exercise helps, because... READ MORE

Just need a simple tummy tuck. Suggest good lipo which is cost saving, non surgical.

Age 37 after delivery skin is become loose n bolging out. I need to just go for base so that my stomach goes inside and skin can tighten.suggest good... READ MORE

How can I tell if my platysma was injured/torn/separated from liposuction under the chin?

2 months ago I had submental liposuction from an incision placed under my chin. My platysma muscle is now bulging out, and I am experiencing a change... READ MORE

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