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Does Radio Frequency Treatment Need Combined with Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation for it to Work?

I was told that lipo cavitation only works if combined with the Radio frequency treatment,is it true or can you just have either one/ Which is better... READ MORE

Weight Loss Without Liposuction

Liposuction, lipodissolve, liposculpting, smart lipo, what's a girl to do if she just wants to lose the fat without paying a bunch for a treatment or... READ MORE

How Much Weight Should I Lose Before Full Body Liposuction?

Hello! I am a 26 year old female, am 5ft 8in, weigh 200lbs, 38C chest, 37 inch waist, and wear a size 14. I would like to do full body liposuction and... READ MORE

Differences Between Fat Grafting, Liposuction and Body Contouring?

I was encouraged to have fat grafted onto my breasts to prevent rippling. It was taken from my skinny little legs but I was left with rippling,... READ MORE

Best Method of Liposuction for the Lower Body?

I need advice on what type of liposuction to get to treat flanks, outer thighs and banana roll? My doctor only does traditinal lipo. Would Smart Lipo,... READ MORE

3 Days Post Op Lipo to Entire Body with Fat Trans. Pain is BAD. Gained 12 Lbs of Swelling in 3 Days?

3 days post op lipo to entire body... arms, back, inner/outter/back of thighs, butt, calves ankles and flanks with fat trans to butt. the pain is... READ MORE

How much does full body liposuction cost? Is it better to go to the states?

I've been reading online about the prices of the procedures. I've been wanting to get liposuction done for a couple years now and I think I'll be... READ MORE

Why is it that many women I've seen, after doing Body Liposuction, look bigger and wider on their upper bodies?

I have seen myself starting to look wider on my upper body. As well, as many women i know. READ MORE

How does the body determine fat loss locations post procedure?

Beyond the vague descriptor "genetics," how does the body determine fat loss locations? Especially, post-lipo or other procedures? If someone has... READ MORE

I'm size 10, 60kgs, 5'3. I'm having lipo. If I have my entire body done, where would excess fat go?

I am booked into having PAL lipo to my arms, back, stomach, love handles, bum, thighs qnd chin. If i am having so many places lipo'ed, that leaves... READ MORE

How are the costs of Liposuction determined?

If someone does only one part of their body or several, do the costs change? What other factors determine lipo cost? READ MORE

What is the difference in liposuction and body etching?

I am going to have my breast done as well as liposuction on my stomach. A friend said I should go to a doc that has body etching so that my results... READ MORE

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