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Is there a BMI Weight Limit for Liposuction?

Hello, I was wondering if there are weight restricitons re: liposuction? Do you need to be a certain BMI to be a good canidate for lipo? Why chosew... READ MORE

How is Body Fat Accurately / Concretely Measured Before Suctioning It out Through Liposuction?

I haven't read anything about how body fat is measured to accurately determine how much might be safely suctioned out from each target area. How do... READ MORE

My BMI is 30.1. Am I a Suitable Candidate for Liposuction?

I am a 33 yr old man. I weigh 206 lbs and my height is 5 ft 9 so my BMI is 30.1 (barely obese). Am I a suitable candidate for liposuction? READ MORE

Can I Get Liposuction if my BMI is "Normal"? (photo)

I'm 5'1, and weigh close to 130. I can't seem to loose the weight in my tummy/wait, thighs, buttocks, arms, back. My doctor says I'm healthy, but I... READ MORE

I'm 45 yrs old with a BMI of 40. Is there any procedure I can have done to reduce my 50 inch waistline? (photos)

I've contacted a plastic surgeon regarding a tummy tuck only to be stopped at the receptionist and told, the doctor would not operate on a patient... READ MORE

Would submental +/- jowl liposuction be a potentially good option for me? (photos)

I am 29 years old (BMI 23, bodyfat % ~13%). I've tried to keep my head in a neutral position in the pics. The double-chin in this position is the main... READ MORE

This is a follow-up to my first question: Will Liposuction really help me or do I need a lower body lift?

My BMI is 32. If I lose 10-15 lbs I should be around 30 BMI. I could get to that in no time. I'm just naturally thick with big hips/butt, & no matter... READ MORE

Any idea why lipo or tummy tuck seems to be not offered in Europe for anyone with a bmi over 28?

Is it really that risky? If so how does it seemed to be performed all over the US? I live in Europe and can't find a PS any where who will even... READ MORE

I'm 40lbs over my ideal weight and have severe lordosis. Am I a candidate for liposuction? What would my end results be? (Photo)

I am 40 lbs over my ideal (skinny) weight with a bmi of 28. I have severe lordosis therefore my stomach muscles have been weak as long as I remember... READ MORE

Can I have liposuction a month after my gastric band surgery?

I am having the band I am and 5ft 3 inch lower part of bmi but want lipo a month after is this advisable or even possible? READ MORE

Which weight loss surgery should I choose? Liposuction, gastric balloon or lap band?

I am 5'1 and weigh 135 lbs about a BMI of 27. I have been yo-yoeing my whole life and have even had lipo but just gained it all back and then some. I... READ MORE

More than half my body weight is water. What should I do?

I want to get liposuction done, but before i take that step i have been doing my research and realized that i have to have a certain BMI (my BMI is 35... READ MORE

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