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Day 16 After Aqualipo. Its Only Been 2days Since I've Been out of the Garment. I Dont See Any Results, It It Swelling?

I got Aqualipo done on my upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks and back 16days ago. I wore my garment for 14days and my swelling gradually decreased.... READ MORE

How Much More Fat is Removed for Larger Women Than Petite Woman During Lipo?

How do surgeons measure the amount of fat a person can lose in liposuction? Can I lose more if I'm bigger than the average girl? READ MORE

My Stomach Protrudes 6 Months After Lipo, Why Could this be?

I had stomach lipo and a partial abdomiplasty 6 months ago and my stomach protrudes alot more than before so i am bigger than before i have no shape... READ MORE

I'm a Early 30's Male Who Underwent Lipo 4 Months Ago. Swelling Never Went Down and I Look Fatter?

Most doctors say that final results can be seen within 6 to 12 months. However, some also say that I should look slimmer after the first few weeks at... READ MORE

Leg asymmetry (photos)

What surgery would I need to even out my leg asymmetry? The right leg (calf and thigh) and bum is noticeably bigger than the left. READ MORE

Are There a Such Thing As Revision Surgeons That Just Do Revisions?

I got my arms lipo'd at the advice of my doctor :( after surgery my arms are bigger and more deformed then ever. He acknowledged that he did an awful... READ MORE

6 months post-op Lipo: Thighs are now bigger than before

I lost a lot of weight and decided to finally to do some body contouring. My surgeon was very experienced with body contouring. I did a full tummy... READ MORE

How can I get a very small waist with bigger hips with surgery?

So my butt is ok. It would be wayyyyy better if I had bigger hips. I have a gut but I feel it won't be enough to make a difference. Ideally I want... READ MORE

Running after liposuction makes my thighs bigger?

I am a post 6-week lipo patient. Had all 7 parts of my thighs done (front thigh, back thigh, inner thigh, outer thigh, knee, butt, hips) by... READ MORE

5 months post op Liposuction, my stomach is much bigger than before. Is this normal?

Hi I got stomach liposuction 5 months ago my upper part is bigger than before and ever , this is normal it is bother me a lot please help me. Feri READ MORE

12 days post op Liposuction, my tummy is hard and bigger. Is this normal?

I had lipo on my stomach 12 days ago n when I came home it was flat by the next day but now it's bigger thn before lipo and very dr says this... READ MORE

7 weeks post op Liposuction on Waist and Stomach, top half of my stomach looks bigger than the bottom. Is this normal?

I had liposuction on my love handles and stomach 7 weeks ago, I am not overweight but they advised me that I had 2.4 litres removed. I have noticed... READ MORE

My left butt chick and leg is bigger than the right. Do you have any solutions to fix this ?

Im 17 years old and started woking out, around Febuary I noticed that my left butt chick is bigger than the right and so is the leg. It was never like... READ MORE

My legs have been getting bigger and fatter and I've started getting stretch marks. What is causing this?

I got knocked over a few years ago and recently ive been going to physiotherapy as i got pain where i broke my leg and recently my legs have been... READ MORE

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