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Can I Get Ankle Liposuction?

I've always had kind of "chubby" ankles (cankles) and I would like more definition in this area.  Do doctors usually offer liposuction... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Fat Ankles That Will Give Me a Better Shape?

What are my option for fat ankles? i'm not overweight but my lower legs are shapeless, ankles. Is lipo available for me? if so, how much does... READ MORE

What is the Best Way of Fat Removal for Ankles and Calves?

Lipo or smartlipo? is there a cheaper price for these areas? READ MORE

Embarassed by Fat Ankles. What to Do?

I am so embarrassed about my fat ankles and would like to at least reduce the puffiness. I try to hide with long skirts, slacks. I want to wear... READ MORE

Feet and Ankles Swollen 3 Days After Liposuction - Is This Normal?

Had tumenscent lipo 3 days ago now my feet and ankles are swollen is this normal or should I be concerned? Is there anyway to stop this from happening... READ MORE

Are Ankles and Calves at Risk for Lumpiness and Unevenness After Lipo?

With 16" calves, all doctors I've seen said i'm a good lipo candidate. Is it likely to get permanent lumpiness/unevenness in the area? I tried to... READ MORE

Ankle and Calf Liposuction? (photo)

I am strongly considering ankle and calf liposuction after 25 years of hiding my legs. I know some people are not ideal candidates but I want to make... READ MORE

New York Calf and Ankle Liposuction Doctor Recommendation

I am considering going for a calf and ankle Liposuction in NY. Would you recommend to me 3 surgeons who specialize in this field? READ MORE

Calf and Ankle Liposuction Aftercare

What is the aftercare procedure for this type of lipo. Will I need help or can I take care of myself? Thank you READ MORE

Calf/Ankle Liposuction, Which Type of Board Certified Surgeon Should I See?

Hi all. I am considering lower leg (calf/ankle) liposuction. I have very toned muscles, but thick fat on my calves that just will not go away. My legs... READ MORE

Calves / Ankles - Will Lipo Help Me?

I am 5'1 135lbs. 30 yrs of wearing pants and jeans. Will lipo help or is there a better procedure? READ MORE

On How Many Body Parts Should I Take Lipo to Be Safe?

1)I would like to get lipo on my ankles, calves, Knees and inner thigh on the same day, is it safe to do that. 2)I was a swimmer(active in all my... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Calf/ankle Liposuction? (photo)

After multiple attempts of natural workouts and diet regimens I am now highly considering liposuction on my calves.I am 5' 5" and weigh... READ MORE

Can My Surgeon Remove Fat Lumps on My Ankles? Will They Come Back?

I have a quite big lump, I think of fat, on eachankle. It never goes down like a swelling would. I have had them for over 10 years. I am having lipo... READ MORE

What Procedures Could Be Carried Out to Correct Meaty Legs?

I have meaty legs(my legs look like mischa bartons legs), my legs are big compared to the rest of my body and I have a pear shape so no matter how... READ MORE

Recommendations for Doctors Experienced in Liposuction of Calves/ankle in the Chicago Area?

I carry most of my weight in my buttocks, thighs, and (unfortunately) calves. I am overweight (I weigh 178) but have lost about 45 pounds in the past... READ MORE

Is Ankle Liposuction Recommended and What Are the Risks?

I am of slim build with heavier lower legs and what seems like a pocket of fat around the ankle. I have seem 3 surgeons- 2 said I needed a vascular... READ MORE

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