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Does 3 Liters of Fat off Body Look Like the Same Volume of 3 Liters of Liquid in a Bottle?

I had 3 L taken off my abdomen. supposedly. It looks a tiny bit smaller, but the over all size of my abdomen did not change much. I imagined 3 L of... READ MORE

How Much Fat Needs to Be Left Behind After Lipo to Have the Best Results?

I am a 30 yr old who had lipo on my tummy a year ago. I'm 5'6", 118 lbs, but have a tummy pooch. The surgery reduced it somewhat, but I... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Remove Upto 40 Kgs?

I wanna know if its possible for lipo to remove this much fat. READ MORE

Liposuction Went Wrong: What Next?

I had a liposuction a few years ago in my abdomen. it didn't go well.The doctor took too much fat. I consulted a doctor and he suggest grafting... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lose Too Much Body Fat Through Liposuction?

I've always been in good shape but after having a baby, I weighed 142lbs and 34% body fat. I'm only 5'0 and shocked with the weight gain!... READ MORE

Must You Eat Less After Lipo, Regardless of Healthy Diet Before Lipo, Because of Having Less Fat Cells?

I have been reading online studies regarding weight gain after Lipo. I am a little confused! Is it true that regardless of a healthy diet with... READ MORE

Results of Liposuction to Pass Army Tape Test, Easily Pass Fitness Test?

I am a 34 yr old male in the Army. They measure with a tape parallel to the floor across the navel. This maximizes my abdominal fat and flank fat. I... READ MORE

Will Liposuction Help Me Lose 9 Inches? Current Waist Size is 35. (photo)

Can lipo of the abdomen, waist, and flanks = a loss of 9inches??? my waist is currently at 35 and i would like it between 24-28 would lipo alone do this?? READ MORE

PS Says He Will Not Lipo More Than 1000cc During my Tummy Tuck: Is This Common?

I asked my PS to do lipo of my back, hips, flanks. He is doing a full TT and BA. He said he will only lipo 1000cc on my hips. He will not do any more... READ MORE

I'm Worried my Surgeon Didn't Take Enough Fat?

I am 4 days post-op. My PS only took 200 cc's out of my lower abdomen...and I was never super skinny. I am 5'8'' and weighed 151 lbs prior to surgery.... READ MORE

How Much Will It Cost to Take 145 Pounds off my Body? Plus What I Need Off. I Weigh 265.

I am to fat I need liposuction? would title 19 my insurance take care of the bill? I weigh 265 so i want my chin to have no double and it to have the... READ MORE

I Had Lipo to Upper/lower Abs, Dr Put in 220L & Took out 2800L What Does That Mean

I had lipo on Monday 8/29/11 to upper/lower abdomen. I was told by the nurse the dr put in 2200L and took out 2800L what does that mean in terms of... READ MORE

Is Too Little Fat Removed Only 1, 2 Litres? (photo)

Im worried My surgeon removed to little fat, I showed him My wish Pics ( you Can see them above ) and The areas he did where, saddlebags , inner... READ MORE

Why Do Some People Get More Results with the Same Amount of Fat/tissue Liposuctioned?

I've looked at a seemingly endless amount of before & after photos. Why is it that ssome people, who have had, say, 3000 ccs removed have a... READ MORE

How much liters are in 5 pounds of fat?

My doctor performed lipo on my stomach, and outer thighs. She informed me that she took 2 pounds of fat from my stomach and 1.5 from each thigh. How... READ MORE

I Would Like to Get Lipo. is It Possible to Lose 5in off my Waist 6in off my Hips/thighs?

Hello i am 5'11 and 145. i have been working out daily. i would like to liposuction. would it be possible to lose 5 inches in my waist and 6 in my... READ MORE

Was Enough cc's Taken Out of Upper/Lower Abs, Flank, and Inner Thighs? (photo)

I am 5'2" and 120 lbs. My ps told me he took out a total of 1000cc from my u/l ab, flanks, and inner thighs. Is that enough to make much of a... READ MORE

If I Get Lipo Can I Ask the Doctor to Specifically Remove ONE Pound of Fat?

Is this too small? I'm already slim except for my large thighs. The reason I don't want to remove too much is because I'm afraid the fat will return... READ MORE

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