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Liposuction Results with Half a Liter of Fat Removed

Tumescent lipo about 4 days ago for my abdomen and flanks. Little more than half a liter of fat removed. Is that too little? Already at my ideal... READ MORE

Tips to Reduce Large Swelling of the Male Genitals After Abdominal Liposuction?

My penis and scrotum are extremely swollen after adbominal liposuction. Now it's 4 days after. The shaft of my penis is bulging and hanging around the... READ MORE

How to Determine Fat from Swelling After Liposuction? (photo)

Hello and thank you for your time! I had abdominal, waist and hip liposuction 4 days ago. I realize final results take time, but I can't tell if... READ MORE

I'm Worried my Surgeon Didn't Take Enough Fat?

I am 4 days post-op. My PS only took 200 cc's out of my lower abdomen...and I was never super skinny. I am 5'8'' and weighed 151 lbs prior to surgery.... READ MORE

Day 4 of Liposuction on my Inner Thighs, Am I Healing? (photo)

Day 4 after liposuction, Am I healing correctly or will I have a dark scar forever?? I am taking Bromelain, Arnica pills and rubbing Arnica gel. Any... READ MORE

Liposuction: Am I Imagining These Results? Four Days Post Op.

I am only four days post op from having liposuction on upper and inner thighs, saddlebag, and stomach and although my thighs are the same as before... READ MORE

Lipo on my Upper and Lower Abdomen 4 Days Ago. When Can I Start Sleeping on my Stomach Again?

This past thurs. feb. 21st, I had liposuction on my upper back, triceps, and on my upper and lower abdomen. Originally I'm used to sleeping on my... READ MORE

Third Spacing ... Fluids? (photo)

4 days Post Op (outer thigh lift with lipo, breast lift, right side midriff lipo), had enormous BP & HR spike lasting 4 hrs. (200/112; 145 BPM)... READ MORE

Why Do I Feel So Ill and Weak Post-op?

Why do I feel so ill and my stomach hurts and I'm dizzy after a relatively small thigh liposuction surgery? It was under full anesthesia but its... READ MORE

Asymmetric Buttock After Liposuction? (photo)

I had my surgery only 4 days ago, but I can see a huge difference on my butt cheeks. One side is nice and round while the other one as a... READ MORE

Is It Possible That my Surgeon Forgot to Do One of my Outer Thighs During my Lipo Surgery?

I just had my surgery 4 days ago. I had both of my inner, anterior and outer thighs done, my abdomen and my upper arms. My body is very bruised and... READ MORE

Is it normal not to see any results four days post liposuction?

Hi. I'm four days post op, had lowwer abdomen liposuction and breast agumentation. day 1 post lipo I found that I had minimal bruising and till now no... READ MORE

Is it normal to not be able to walk after thigh liposuction?

I had thigh liposuction 4 days back and total suction was 6000 cc of fat, my doctor keeps on telling me to walk but i really can't walk because of the... READ MORE

What is normal after Liposuction?

I had lipo 4 days ago to my waist, stomach, flanks and upper back. I have been wearing the garment except when I take a quick shower. My waist looks... READ MORE

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