Scalp + Lipoma Removal

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Lymph Node or Lipoma?

I had a lump on the lower left side of my scalp. i went to my physician, he reffered me to a plastic surgeon. I met with the surgeon and he looked at... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or General Surgeon for Cyst/Lipoma Removal?

I have a kind of Cyst/lipoma on my SCALP which my Dermatologist couldn't really diagnose exactly what it is. He suspects its a bit different and we... READ MORE

Can You Remove a Forehead Lipoma Through the Scalp or Hairline to Hide the Scar?

I had a head injury when I was 14, now 21 I still have what I researched to be a Lipoma. It is rather small but I was considering having it removed by... READ MORE

Can I Do Local Anesthesia at Doctors Office for Scalp Lipoma Removal?

I need lipoma removal on back of head mid-scalp area, the size is about 2 inches wide, just soft, fatty liquid. Outpatient hospital is too expensive,... READ MORE

What is the Pain and Numbness Following Removal of Occipital Scalp Lipoma. Not Incision.

I have pain and numbness in areas on my scalp where surgery not performed. I had a large lipoma removed from the occipital scalp READ MORE

Can a Scalp Lipoma Extend Beyond Fascia?

Over 10 years ago I had a golf-ball size lipoma removed from my scalp. About 3 years ago I noticed recurrent infections and pain in the site and... READ MORE

Will a Lipoma on my Scalp Near my Ear Be the Cause of my Tinnitus?

I have had the lipoma since birth, I am a 38 yr old female, and developed tinnitis at age 30. I don't use any OTC drugs or illicit ones either. :)... READ MORE

Can I get the two lipomas in my scalp removed at the same time and will I have to shave that side of my head? (photo)

I have been having these 2 knots in my head since I was a kid. As I got older the knots got bigger. I went to the emergency room around 2009 because... READ MORE

To remove or not remove a scalp lipoma?

My father has a scalp lipoma on the right side of his scalp. We had it was diagnosed through biopsy a year ago. It didn't bother him before so the... READ MORE

Why do lipomas reoccur on my scalp?

Im 48 yrs old, female, ive had lipoma several times on my scalp and they were removed surgically, but they keep on appearing. now i have 7 on my scalp... READ MORE

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