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Sabaceous Cyst Removal?

I have no insurance and haven't seen a doctor for years. I would like to have a cyst the size of a quarter taken off my right shoulder. It has been... READ MORE

What is the Name of the Swelling That Occures After the Removal of a Lipoma Under my Arm?

I had a Lipoma removed 9 days ago from under my arm.There is swelling where the surgery was.This was drained,what is the name of this accumilation of... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal for 8 Year Old Child? Safe to Undergo Surgery at This Age?

My daughter has this lipoma in between her eyes and nose.  About 4 times already, we visited a certain surgeon to remove this but I was afraid my... READ MORE

How Soon After Lipoma Removal Can You Resume Exercise?

I have three lipomas on legs one is 4cm and i would like to have them removed. how soon after removal can i resume my exercise routine? READ MORE

My Son Has a Lipoma in His Foot DR in PMH Refuses to Operate What to Do?

My son has been diagnosed with a lipoma in his left foot just over a year ago. Went and seen a dr in a kids hospital and he refused to remove the lump... READ MORE

Should Lipoma in the Psoas Muscle Be Removed?

During a routine scan before prostate surgery, a tumor showed up in my husband's right psoas muscle which could be a lipoma or a liposarcoma. He is... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Time Limit to Remove the Stitches After Having a Surgery?

I had a lipoma removal 14 days ago the incision was about 3 inches under the chest . when do i have to remove the stitches ,and is there any danger of... READ MORE

Can 5 Angilipomas Be Removed Through One Incision?

I have 5 angiolipomas within 3 inch diameter area. can they all be removed through a signle small incision? Can the skin be pulled up from the Muscle... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma in a Lymph on my Rt Shoulder, Had It 10 Months and It Come Up over Night!

They says its just a lipoma, lipomas dont come up over night . I had non- hudg-lymph in my lft tonsil, took my whole throat and re-did it in 2002... READ MORE

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