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Fluid Buildup After Lipoma

I had a Lipoma surgically removed from my rib area. Surgery was one week ago, I have a lot of fluid buildup which is very uncomfortable. No drain tube... READ MORE

The Fluid After Lipoma Removal Has Turned Very Hard and Produce Sharp Pains Sometimes, Normal?

I had a lipoma removed a month ago. The area around the incision was left swollen far beyond normal, according to some, but the doctors chose not to... READ MORE

I Had a Small Lipoma Removed from Forehead. 3 Days Later, Swelling & Bruising in the Corner of my Eye & Nose. Normal?

I Had a Small Lipoma Removed from my Forehead.  After 3 Days I Developed Swelling & Bruising in the Corner of my Eye & Nose. H Is this... READ MORE

I Had a Lipoma About the Size of a Golf Ball Removed from the Back of the Neck. When Will Pain Subside? (photo)

I attach a photo and although its only been eight days, I have problems sleeping and feel some pain. Please advice how long the pain would normally... READ MORE

Is Swelling and Pain Common After Lipoma Removal?

I had a lypoma removed from the muscle in my thigh 10 weeks ago and I am still having a lot of pain and swelling in my entire leg (mostly the knee... READ MORE

Small Lipoma Removed, Now Severe Bruising All Around Side- Normal? (photo)

My husband had a small lipoma, about the size of a quarter, removed from the left side of his back for cosmetic reasons 6 days ago (Tuesday). The... READ MORE

4 Days Post-Lipoma Removal. Still Swollen and Painful. Normal?

I Had a Lipoma Removed from my Right Axillary 4 Days Ago and I Am Still in a Lot of Pain and Swollen. What Should I Do? Should I be worried that I am... READ MORE

Numbness After Removal of Lipoma from Forehead

I had a forehead lipoma removed a couple of days ago and am still experiencing numbness on my head on the side of the surgery. Is this normal and if... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness in my Armpit After the Surgery?

I have had a surgery for the excision of a sebaceous cyst in my armpit 9 months ago.Now i can see two small white coloured spots on the wound and the... READ MORE

Is Drainage Normal 3 Weeks After Surgery?

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a lipoma tumor from my back. I'm still having swelling pain and drainage Is this normal READ MORE

Large Swelling After Lipoma Removal Surgery?

I had a subcutaneous lipoma removed from the back of my head under local anesthesia. A day later my head is swollen to a point that the shape of my... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Dry Skin After Swelling Recedes Proceeding Lipoma Surgery?

Hi. I had surgery to remove a lipoma on my forehead 2/17/12 (today is 3/01/12). The swelling has gone down and the stitches were removed,but I've... READ MORE

My 5 Year Old Has a Branchial Clift Cyst and Her Doc Wont Do a Ct Scan Before Removing It is It Safe?

Im worried he isnt taking the track out just the cyst and it might form some where else READ MORE

I am still in horrible pain after left forearm lipoma surgery. It has been 5 1/2 weeks. Is this normal?

I had lipoma surgery 5 1/2 weeks ago in left upper forearm but am still in awful pain . I am a diabetic and my doctor first said about 6 weeks for... READ MORE

Is still a little sore, is that normal?

Had Lipoma remove from the upper area of my back in between my shoulder on 09 /16/2014, nine days later they remove the drain and a week later the... READ MORE

Should I have a knot after having a lipoma removed? Will this go away?

Two weeks ago I had a rather small lipoma removed from my forehead. Now, there is a small knot right above the incision mark. The knot is about the... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Lipoma Surgery, Still Have Pain and Swelling. Is This Normal?

Top of shoulder side of neck area. General anaesthetic. As painful as day1 and it's been two weeks. Heavy tight pulling sensation. Pain extended... READ MORE

Is itching and shooting pain normal after small lipoma removal from back?

Its still bandaged. I was given percocet for pain which isnt working. READ MORE

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