Lumps + Lipoma Removal

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Lymph Node or Lipoma?

I had a lump on the lower left side of my scalp. i went to my physician, he reffered me to a plastic surgeon. I met with the surgeon and he looked at... READ MORE

Is Lipoma Removal Painful?

I'm 16 years old and I have lots of lower back pain. I'm not sure if its because of these small lumps I feel or just bad posture. I'm guessing they... READ MORE

Is the Lump in my Lip a Lipoma?

I don't know if this lump on the inner side of my lower lip is lipoma. I actually don't know what it is. It doesn't hurt but it has grown here and... READ MORE

Treatment and Doctor to See for Lump Under Lipoma Removal Scar?

I had a small but painful lipoma on my inside thigh removed 3 months ago. The pain is still the same as before the removal. Pain comes and goes but is... READ MORE

Cyst Removal Last Week of Tiny Cyst on Back of Neck and Now I Have Lump Twice or 3 Times Bigger Than the Cyst?

It was so small but varied.... Been there for 6 years so just tired of it.....doc cut huge even though I had to put my finger on it for her to be... READ MORE

I Have a Lump on the Back of my Head. Could it Be Something Other Than Lipoma?

I went to the doctor and she said it was lipoma but I did research and it says lipoma is soft and it there is no real discomfort. Also it said you can... READ MORE

Painful Lump in Upper Left Abdomen After Pelvic Laparoscopy - Lipoma or What?

I had a pelvic laparoscopy in Feb 2011, where the surgeon found my left ovary was stuck to my sigmoid colon. The two organs were separated. The... READ MORE

Is There Anything in a Biopsy of a Lipoma That Can Help Diagnose Dercum's Disease?

I believe I have Dercum's Disease or Adiposis Dolorosa. I have lumps in my arms, legs, back, sides and throughout my abdomen. I saw a dermatologist... READ MORE

Hard lump on forehead after lipoma removal?

I had a lipoma removed from my forehead 2 weeks ago, after the initial swelling went down after the first few days I was left with a hard lump that is... READ MORE

Big Lump in Thigh After Lipoma Removed?

Had a largish lipoma removed from the back of my thigh just over 2 weeks ago.When the pad was removed 48 hours after surgery I noticed a large lump... READ MORE

Can I Request Further Testing on a Suspected Lipoma?

About a month ago, I found a lump on the right side of my back. It felt squishy & was slightly tender to the touch. Recently, it has grown larger... READ MORE

Hard Lump After Lipoma Removal on Forehead?

I had a Lipoma removed about 2 weeks ago,and i notice i still have a lil numbness and i also have a small hard lump that feels dense right above were... READ MORE

Should I Get a Second Opinion?

I went to the dr with a lump on my back near my shoulder blade. Can't be felt unless I lean forward and flex the back muscle. My shoulder also feels... READ MORE

I have a quarter sized fatty lump on my forehead. Will my insurance cover it's removal?

It has gradually grown over the last 4 years and sometimes causes headaches. READ MORE

I have a non visible lump on the left side of my neck?

I have a lump on the lower back left side of my neck. It's firm but definitely not rock hard. It feels kind of rubbery, I can't tell if it's movable... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Deep Tissue Lipoma Removal? Is It Possible That the Lump is Something I Should Be More Concerned About?

In February I noticed a lump underneath my left breast on my rib cage. I went to the doctor and he sent me for an ultrasound and diagnosed it as a... READ MORE

Female (37) Sore Lumps on Rib Cage, Growing, 1 Large Taco'd Mass at Edge of Left Rib Cage. Do You Think It's Only Lipoma?

Found lumps on rib cage, both sides, seem to be growing, they are always sore. They affect everything I do. I can feel them all the time. No lumps in... READ MORE

I had my Lipoma removed above my left eyebrow a month ago and now its swelling. Is this normal?

I'm 36 and had the Lipoma my entire life. During the removal the lipoma burst. Doctor feels the fat must have liquified at one time. He stitched... READ MORE

I Just Had a Lipoma Removed from my Epiglottis One Week Ago Tuesday I Still Feel a Lump in my Throat?

Its been 3 months of hell trying to find what this lump is ive seen 2 ENTs saw a gastro had upper gi nd motality study everything came back normal had... READ MORE

I have a lump on my thigh. Are my lumps lipomas, lymph nodes, or liposarcomas? (photos)

I have soft, movable bilat axilla lumps the size of a small egg, bilat wrists lumps, one fixed and firm, size of a pea, other softer, fixed size of a... READ MORE

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