Drainage + Lipoma Removal

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Drain and Recovery After Lipoma Removal

I have a large lipoma on my lower back that hurts me. My doctor says that I will need a drain after my surgery. How long will I have to keep the drain... READ MORE

Fist Size Lipoma Removed - Hole Remains From Drainage Tube

I recently had a fist sized lipoma removed from the upper back on the right. After the removal of the lipoma, a tube draining blood was inserted, what... READ MORE

Is Drainage Normal 3 Weeks After Surgery?

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a lipoma tumor from my back. I'm still having swelling pain and drainage Is this normal READ MORE

When Will Lipoma Drainage Close Up and Stop?

Recently had a large lipoma removed from upper leg. Football shape, 8"long and 3" deep & wide. Surgeon inserted a penrose drain and at 4... READ MORE

Lipoma removal tomorrow. What to expect?

Under general anesthesia. I have lipoma on my right shoulder near my bra line.it is going to be removed under general anesthesia.its size is 3.9... READ MORE

Getting Back in Shape?

I had a lipoma removed from my upper back 24x17x4cm,still draining. Going to start a wound vac. I need a workout plan to tighten up my whole body My... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from my thigh. One month later I have a large amount of fluid build up. Why won't my PS drain it?

I have seen my surgeon three times. Told him it hurts to even sit down. He just says check back in a week.Why will he not drain it. It is three times... READ MORE

One month after axillary lipoma removal from armpit - should I still see this much fluid drainage? (Photo)

I had 2 lipomas removed from my armpits 1 month ago. Drain came out on day 7 with less than 15 cc of fluid. The incision has left me with a flap and... READ MORE

How to Remove Fluid Already Collected Under Skin

I did the operation for removing a lipoma one month ago the last two weeks i felt there is fluid collected under the skin which i feel not comfortable... READ MORE

Drainage After a Lipoma Surgery

I had a lipoma removed on my middle back towards my right side. The doctors kept a drain in for about 6 days. The next week i went back to the doctor... READ MORE

4 Years After Removing Lipoma from Thigh, Still Needing to Drain Fluid and Remove Calcified Fat, When Will it Heal?

I had to go back in for more fluid removal a couple times. This strange lump formed below where the lipoma was removed I had a plastic srgeon remve... READ MORE

Why am I having so much drainage after lipoma removal?

I had a multiple lipoma removed from both the hands and both thighs using liposuction techniques with minimal scars.Post operation I had a swelling on... READ MORE

I had a Lipoma removed on my upper thigh and after 3 weeks it still is not better.

After removal it swollen up worst and was draining. He put a drainage tube and then it was draining on my clothes even with a bandage on it. After 3... READ MORE

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