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Large Bump After Lipoma Surgery- What Could This Be?

3 weeks ago I had a lipoma removed. The stitches were removed 9 days after surgery. I developed a bump about 1 in. diameter, which is 2-3 times as was... READ MORE

Do Lipomas Contain Blood Vessels? (photo)

My husband has a lump on his upper right back. He had an MRI and the report noted that it could be a lipoma but that it has blood vessels in it so a... READ MORE

Can a Paraspinal Lipoma Cause Severe Pain and Numbness?

I have been experiencing pain and numbness down my right side for the past 8 months. It ranges from annoying to excruciating. I have had so many tests... READ MORE

Lipoma and Joint Pain - Connection?

Is there a connection with having Lipoma and joint pains? For being 29, I do not feel that I should have so much joint pain all over. My joints always... READ MORE

Stitches in Neck From Removal of Benign Tumor. It Feels Sore?

Hello, I had a rare benign tumor removed from my neck back in Feb. this year. I still have feeling lose and soreness. I went to see my doctor on May 1... READ MORE

My Son is Lipoma or Liposarcoma? My Son is 8 Y/O and Has a Small Bump Like Mosquito Bite On His Chest? (photo)

In the next 4 days is grow and became 12-15 mm ball .touch it he complain that he have pain . run sonogram and all test before operation and send... READ MORE

I Have Hundreds of Lumps of Various Sizes in my Arms, Legs, and Torso.

I have hundreds of lumps in my arms, legs, stomach, & chest. They vary from pea sized to marble, but they are everywhere. Some even seem attached... READ MORE

I have multiple Lipomas in nearly every part of my body. Were these caused from going to the gym? Should I stop working out?

I have been doing gym continuosly from last year. I had lumps before as well but they were so tiny didnt make any effect on as i have been doing so... READ MORE

Bump on my Cheek After Years of Being Punched?

I got punched in theright side of my cheek by my eye in 2007. I never saw a doctor, and I still have a slight noticeable bump. Is this cancerous? Why... READ MORE

I Have Read the Discussion on Lipoma and Whether or Not They Are Linked to Trauma?

(i.e. car crash) i had been rear ended 3 months ago. i had been stoped in traffic at the time. i injured tendons on my right hand which swelled,... READ MORE

I have lipomas. Could they be caused by trauma?

I have found over the past year lumps in my thigh area. I am generally very fit. My doctor has just said they may be Lipomas and to monitor them. I... READ MORE

Are lipomas caused by weight loss?

I have lipomas on my thighs, arms, abdomen, and shoulders. The lipomas in my shoulders and upper arms are the most painful, with extremely decreased... READ MORE

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