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I Suspect Lipoma in my Tummy Area

It shows up when I contract my stomach. Also this shows up when I try to get up from bed etc. Is this a lipoma? READ MORE

Lipoma Removal On Right Side of Abdomen. What is Down Time?

I have a lipoma on the right side of my abdomen that is being removed soon is there down time for that or extra precautions i should take? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Regrow Removed Lipoma?

My son is 10,he had abdominal lipoma. we got that removed by surgery 5 years ago,there was no symptoms up to now ,but now i see his abdomen is bigger... READ MORE

Painful Lump in Upper Left Abdomen After Pelvic Laparoscopy - Lipoma or What?

I had a pelvic laparoscopy in Feb 2011, where the surgeon found my left ovary was stuck to my sigmoid colon. The two organs were separated. The... READ MORE

I Had a 15.5 Cm Lipoma Removed from my Abdominal Cavity. The Pain is Back, What to Do?

My tumor was 4 lbs and required major surgery to remove it. I had a distinctive pain associated with the tumor, now, 2 years later the same pain is... READ MORE

I am scared of it and i need your suggestion?

I have two small lipoma in my abs and it is not visible form ouside but i can fell if i touch those with my finger tips.Please suggest something to... READ MORE

I had several painful lipoma's removed last year from my abdomen and now have several more causing pain. What do I do?

I am an otherwise healthy 25 year old who had 3 surgeries last year to remove 5 painful lipoma's from my abdomen ranging from quarter sized to egg... READ MORE

How Fast Do Lipomas Grow?

I noticed a small swelling on the left side of my abdomen in may each week it has grown bigger I had a scan on June the 26th the mass measured 12cm on... READ MORE

Will a GP Be Able to Diagnose a Lipoma or Do I Need to Go for an Ultrasound?

I have about 3-4 lumps by my belly button, my GP said they were lipomas, do i need an ultrasound to check, also should i have them removed or just... READ MORE

Have Had An Inguinal hernia For Years, Developed a Lipoma, What Should I Do?

There is a pain wihere the hernia is and a pressure on it leading down my leg. I also notice other lipomas in and around the abdominal cavity. It... READ MORE

Is it unusual for a lipoma to regrow in two months?

I had two lipomas removed from abdomen in September. Recently having discomfort in the area and noticed one of them has returned. I knew there was... READ MORE

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