1 Week Post-op + Lipoma Removal

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Fluid Buildup After Lipoma

I had a Lipoma surgically removed from my rib area. Surgery was one week ago, I have a lot of fluid buildup which is very uncomfortable. No drain tube... READ MORE

I Had a Lipoma About the Size of a Golf Ball Removed from the Back of the Neck. When Will Pain Subside? (photo)

I attach a photo and although its only been eight days, I have problems sleeping and feel some pain. Please advice how long the pain would normally... READ MORE

Small Lipoma Removed, Now Severe Bruising All Around Side- Normal? (photo)

My husband had a small lipoma, about the size of a quarter, removed from the left side of his back for cosmetic reasons 6 days ago (Tuesday). The... READ MORE

Muscle or Nerve Damage with Forehead Lipoma Removal?

I had a small lipoma removed from the right side of my forehead by a plas. surgeon a week ago. It was performed in the hospital under gen. anest. The... READ MORE

I Had a Lipoma Removed from my Forehead 9 Days Ago,from Beneath the Muscle and Still Cannot Raise my Left Eyebrow?

I Had a Lipoma Removed from my Forehead 9 Days Ago,from Beneath the Muscle and Still Cannot Raise my Left Eyebrow. READ MORE

What is the Name of the Swelling That Occures After the Removal of a Lipoma Under my Arm?

I had a Lipoma removed 9 days ago from under my arm.There is swelling where the surgery was.This was drained,what is the name of this accumilation of... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Smoke After the Surgical Removal of a Mucous Cyst ?

The cyst had formed inside my lower lip and I had it surgically removed around 8 days ago, will it be safe to smoke? READ MORE

Why is my Lipoma Scar Stinging?

I just had a lipoma removed from my right leg calf last week thursday, the site has been itching me but I undestand that it is healing but what... READ MORE

My Doctor Told Me That He Could Not Remove my Lipoma Wholly- He Took out in Pieces

I had a lipoma surgery on my left side neck last week,after the surgery doctor told me that he could not remove the lipoma wholly rather he has... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Lay (Have Pressure) on my Lipoma Surgery Incision Wound After Surgery?

I had successful Lipoma removal surgery from the back of my head 5 days ago. It was a fairly good sized lipoma about 4.5cm long. I have mostly been... READ MORE

Is it normal for a lipoma to have roots? And for them to grow from 2.5 cm to 8 cm in one year.

I just had my lipoma surgically remove about 5 days ago. Left flank. Because it had grown from 2.5 cm to 8 cm in one year. My surgeon told me the... READ MORE

I have a numb hard sack under the incision from my lipoma surgery. (Photo)

Nine days ago I had a 3cm lipoma removed from my chin. Because there was no real pain I have only been taking Advil. I now have a hard numb sack... READ MORE

I had an intramuscular lipoma removed on my forearm. My hand feels like it is burning & tingling. Any suggestion? (photo)

Preformed a week ago. Half the top of my hand is still partly numb. That part is very skin sensitive and feels like it is burning with no marks and no... READ MORE

I had a lipoma on my right forehead towards my hairline which was removed a week back. Suture removed 3 days back

There seems to be a space nd elevation seen on my forehead. I understand there will be less wrinkling on the affected part but what is the reason of... READ MORE

Swelling After Neck Dissection? (photo)

I had over 30 lympnoids (sp) removed from my neck because of cancer. The surgery was 6 days ago and the swelling continues. He aspirated the area... READ MORE

I Just Had a Lipoma Removed from my Epiglottis One Week Ago Tuesday I Still Feel a Lump in my Throat?

Its been 3 months of hell trying to find what this lump is ive seen 2 ENTs saw a gastro had upper gi nd motality study everything came back normal had... READ MORE

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