Stitches + Lip Surgery

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I Had a Fight Long Back and Got Stiches on my Lips, My Upper Right Lip is Thicker Than the Left Up, Options?

I had a fight long back ... and got stiches on my lips.My upper right lip is thicker than the left up. it spoils my smile. Can u please suggest... READ MORE

What to Do About the Blood Knot in Lip or Maybe the Extra Skin Created After Stitches? (photo)

Lip shape changed. kind of made a knot inside it and seems a little big from only one side. please see the photo. i met with an accident where my... READ MORE

Should I remove the white stitches after 2 weeks of plastic surgery? (photos)

I had had an accident and my upper lip got open cut at the middle that required me to do plastic surgery 2 weeks ago and 1 week later i came back to... READ MORE

Can a small lump on my lip be removed after 9 years? (Photo)

I was hit with a baseball in 2007 and it split my lip in half. They stiched it up but I have a permanent lump. READ MORE

Swelling not reducing one week and 4 days after lip laceration. Is it permanent?

I fell down from a bike and got a through and through cut (laceration) on my upper lips. I got stitches both on the outside as well as the inside.... READ MORE

My Ps Added a Stitch on Outside Corners of Lips, What Does That Do?

Where the stitches were on outside corners of lips now has a bump on both corners, What is achieved by doing this and will the bumps flatten? READ MORE

How long should I wait to get my lips fixed again? (Photo)

I got 7 stiches on my right side of my lip. The stitches created a bumpy look on right side lip. I got this corrected over a month ago and I know its... READ MORE

Post scar revision for lip piercing 4 weeks ago

I got stitches removed 3 weeks ago I had 4 stitches on out side and was told I have some on the inside.The scar line itself is small and white but I... READ MORE

What would be the cost for doing a lip surgery?

Sir, I am 20 years old now. I had an accident 13 years ago which consequently led to the split of my upper lip. The doctors stitched it up back then.... READ MORE

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