Stitches + Lip Surgery

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I Had a Fight Long Back and Got Stiches on my Lips, My Upper Right Lip is Thicker Than the Left Up, Options?

I had a fight long back ... and got stiches on my lips.My upper right lip is thicker than the left up. it spoils my smile. Can u please suggest... READ MORE

What to Do About the Blood Knot in Lip or Maybe the Extra Skin Created After Stitches? (photo)

Lip shape changed. kind of made a knot inside it and seems a little big from only one side. please see the photo. i met with an accident where my... READ MORE

Upper lip hangs down into smile. Will it return to normal? (Photo)

I had 5 stiches inside the left side of my upper lip towards the corner of my mouth. It is healing just fine but now the left side of my upper lip... READ MORE

Should I remove the white stitches after 2 weeks of plastic surgery? (photos)

I had had an accident and my upper lip got open cut at the middle that required me to do plastic surgery 2 weeks ago and 1 week later i came back to... READ MORE

Can a small lump on my lip be removed after 9 years? (Photo)

I was hit with a baseball in 2007 and it split my lip in half. They stiched it up but I have a permanent lump. READ MORE

Post scar revision for lip piercing 4 weeks ago

I got stitches removed 3 weeks ago I had 4 stitches on out side and was told I have some on the inside.The scar line itself is small and white but I... READ MORE

Swelling not reducing one week and 4 days after lip laceration. Is it permanent?

I fell down from a bike and got a through and through cut (laceration) on my upper lips. I got stitches both on the outside as well as the inside.... READ MORE

My Ps Added a Stitch on Outside Corners of Lips, What Does That Do?

Where the stitches were on outside corners of lips now has a bump on both corners, What is achieved by doing this and will the bumps flatten? READ MORE

What would be the cost for doing a lip surgery?

Sir, I am 20 years old now. I had an accident 13 years ago which consequently led to the split of my upper lip. The doctors stitched it up back then.... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get my lips fixed again? (Photo)

I got 7 stiches on my right side of my lip. The stitches created a bumpy look on right side lip. I got this corrected over a month ago and I know its... READ MORE

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