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Possible to Reshape and Change the Lips?

I'm a male with large lips. I understand reduction is possible but to what extent is it possible to dramatically reshape or reconstruct appearance to... READ MORE

How can I reduce my lips without surgery?

Im too young to have a surgery but my long big lips make me feel embarrassed sometimes i search all over the internet for a clear i couldnt find it i... READ MORE

Would lip reduction be beneficial for me? (photos)

Hi everyone, I was wondering if lip reduction would be possible / beneficial for me? I have a cross bite that has caused my jaw to shift to the left.... READ MORE

I'm a young boy and my lips are to big I get made fun of a lot I cant get a girl at all?

Its so depressing I want smaller lips to help me do u know any techniques to help me please READ MORE

Please may I have your professional and personal opinion on Lip reduction? (photo)

I I have never been very happy with my lips. I think they are too big and distract from my appearance in a negative way.Im 34 now and have thought... READ MORE

Do I have bimax or are my lips just naturally large? (photos)

Can't decide between braces or lip reduction surgery. READ MORE

Are my lips big? Should i get a reduction? (photo)

I think my lower lip is bigger and it ruins my face ...please check if i should do any treatment or maybe its just my imagination READ MORE

Is it possible to make my lips thinner and wider?

Hello, I'm a guy and I feel that my lips especially the upper lip is a bit thick and I don't like the looks of them, they're also not wide, just like... READ MORE

how can i reduce my lip size (both) ?

For reduction of my lip size. READ MORE

Could I benefit from a Lip Reduction after trauma to my lower lip? (photo)

I had a trauma incident 6 years ago with led to my lower lip cut open. Ever since this surgery my lips have been getting huge and droopy. Is lip... READ MORE

11 days post op Lip Reduction surgery, I have so much swelling and my upper lips are asymmetrical. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello,i get lip reduction surgery about 11 days ago till i have so much swelling but it heal day by day but my upper lip are very unsymmetrical right... READ MORE

My lips are so big - What can i do to reduce them? (photo)

My lips and mouth are too big that i lost my self convidence READ MORE

I have fatty bits below the sides of my mouth which look horrible. Is it an illness? What can be done? (photo)

I have had these fatty bits around my mouth for a while now, any information on what they are, why they're caused and how to deal with them would be... READ MORE

What should I do with my lip (Lip reduction Surgery )? (photo)

Hello doctor, my lips are overly sized(photo attached).I want to reduce that.Bt i dnt think reducing my lip only will not solve my problem because as... READ MORE

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