Bottom Lip + Lip Reduction

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Is Lip Reduction Safe?

Hi, I have long desired to reduce the size of my lower lip so that it better coincides with my upper lip. I know lip augmentation occurs frequently,... READ MORE

Bottom Lip Severely Asymmetrical After Lip Reduction

Dr(s), I had a lip reduction that had less then favorable results. My bottom lip is severely asymmetrical, My vermilion border slopes from right to... READ MORE

Lower Lip Reduction Costs in Philadelphia, Maryland, or D.c?

Hello, what is the price range for a lower lip reduction or an effecient means to remove the purple pigment from my vermillion border and innermost... READ MORE

I am interested in getting a Lip Reduction on my lower lip. Do you think I need it done? (photo)

My bottom lips have been bothering me for the longest time. I do have full lips and I feel like my lower lip is a bit outwards and I cant close my... READ MORE

What can I do to get a narrower lower lip?

I just want to have bit more narrow lip so that it looks more better READ MORE

Why is my bottom lip so big? (Photo)

I've always had big lips but it seems like as I got older they got bigger... I don't know what's wrong please help I don't think I'm allergic to anything READ MORE

My lower lip is really big and protruding. What are my options? (Photo)

I get conscious about it every now and then. I'd want to know, and give I'd be glad to get a non-professional answer on this, whether it looks... READ MORE

My Lower Lip is Very Bigger Than the Upper Lip What Can I Do to Reduce It and What Cause It? (photo)

It started when i was 8 i just suddenly discoverd change in size , and it as being embrassing READ MORE

Should I go for lip reduction surgery or braces? My lower teeth are protruding and a doctor told me braces would fix it. (Photo)

My lips are slightly enlarged and my bottom lip is bigger than my top lip . I consulted 2 doctors in my town and one of them told me that braces would... READ MORE

I have like fat under my lower lip. Is there a way to remove it? (Photo)

I've always had this fat under my lip, i had weak chin too, i thought the fat under my lip was because of it, i got a chin implant 9 months ago, and... READ MORE

I'm 18 and have big lips and would like to get them reduced. Is it possible through surgery ?

I had braces and used to bite my lips a lot. and now i have big lips. and i feel that my lower lip is more bigger. I would like to get the size... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a lower lip reduction and how much lip tissue could realistically be removed? (Photo)

Hi, I've had problems with my lower lip since I was about 12. Between then and now (I'm 35) the lip has gradually gotten worse after trauma from... READ MORE

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