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Will a Lip Lift Help to Show Upper Teeth when I Smile?

When my mouth is closed it looks pretty normal, but when I smile, my top lip don't lift up to show my teeth. It hangs over my teeth like a curtain. I... READ MORE

Lip Lift or Other Procedures to Make Upper Lip Go Up and Teeth Are Showing?

I want something done to my top lip. I think it's very sexy when the top lip goes up and the teeth is showing. My lip completely covers my teeth. So... READ MORE

Can I Get This Result with a Lip Lift? If No, What Are the Other Possibilities ?

Hello there, Im getting a rhinoplasty soon which gonna make my upperlip more long and raise the tip. Thing is that, my smile is dropping and don't... READ MORE

Lip Lift Possible Despite an Overbite?

I would like to get a lip lift because I have a long philtrum that makes my face look older and less proportional. Although my upper lip covers most... READ MORE

Will a Lip Lift Improve my Smile?

I think I understand the basic concept of the Lip lift but I'm not sure if it will solve my problem, which is that when I smile, you can't really see... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lip Lift or Veneers?

Very small part of my teeth show when I smile, and it looks quite ugly. READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Lip Augmentation And/or Rhinoplasty (photo)

I posted a similar question but included some before pics. All responses were referencing the before and not the after pics so I'm posting again... READ MORE

Possible to Have a Lip Lift Without Increasing the Upper Vermillion Border?

I already have a full top lip, but I would like to increase the amount of teeth that show and also reduce the distance between the vermillion and the... READ MORE

No Tooth Show ~ Lip Lift Candidate? (photo)

Hello. I have been bothered for a while now over the fact that when I smile (even the hardest I can), there is little to no tooth show. I have put ALL... READ MORE

Surgery to Show More Teeth?

I have a long middle face which is usually associated with gummy smile however my situation is different. Whenever I smile barely any teeth is shown.... READ MORE

I Want A Lip Lift But My Nose Is In The Way, What To Do?

I want to get a lip lift to show more teeth and move my mouth a bit higher up the face but my nose takes up too much space vertically and makes it... READ MORE

Am I a Lip Lift Candidate? (Photos)

Hello, I am wondering if I would be a candidate for a Lip Lift? I have nice teeth but they never show when I open my mouth, and also do not show much... READ MORE

My Teeth Don't Show when I Smile..Would Braces Help? (photo)

The first picture is when I try to smile casually but I can't show my teeth.In the second picture I try really hard and some of my teeth show(However... READ MORE

Can I Get my Lower Lip Lifted a Bit Without Covering Front Teeth?

Im considering an upper lip lift (bulls horn) but i would like to get my bottom lip lifted a little bit because i want it a bit higher and i dont like... READ MORE

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