Scarring + Lip Lift

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Can Anyone Fix my Lips After my Disasterous Lip Lift? (photo)

I went to the same doctor for multiple revisions, not because I'm a perfectionist, and I don't expect perfect symmetry, but because each surgical... READ MORE

Is Getting a Corner Lip Lift Worth It?

I'm 18 years old and considering getting a corner lip lift done to make my smile look better. Is the scarring bad? READ MORE

Does my Lip Lift Scar Look Normal? (photo)

It's been 7 days since I got my lip lift, the stitches are to be removed on the 10th day. From what I've seen in photos on RealSelf the scarring does... READ MORE

Lip Lift Scarring? (photo)

I am considering a lip lift, please advise me how visible the scar will be and I have an event 16 days later, will it be obvious I have had a surgery... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from a Lip Lift? (photo)

I have been considering having a lip augmentation for some time, on the upper lip... How visible will the scar be after 3 weeks and will the be any... READ MORE

Lip Lift Scar Concerns: Continuation? (photo)

I got my stitches removed yesterday and was told by my Doc to apply silicone gel to the scar. The leaflet says, however, that it can't be used unless... READ MORE

Lip Lift? Only Filling? (photo)

People often say to me that I am a serious person... But I am not... !! Then I realized that my upperlip distance is quite long (2cm), and my cheeks... READ MORE

Lip Lift skin hole: How can I seal with scar? (Photo)

What can I do to seal this scar? hole? its really bugging me READ MORE

What would scars from a lip lift look like, and would I be able to get rid of them?

I have a very long space between my nose and top lip and I cringe when I look in the mirror. I am aware that I would have scars and they will probably... READ MORE

Would a lip lift be suitable? (Photo)

I'm a 26 yo female. I think the space between my lip and my nose is too long, I think 1mm less would really improve it but I am unsure if it's worth... READ MORE

Lip Lift - How severe is the scarring? (Photo)

I really hate the length of my philtrum. My upper lip curls in when I smile so it pretty much disappears. What bothers me the most is my upper teeth... READ MORE

Hypertrophic scarring - after lip lift. Are there preventative options?

I really want this procedure but am afraid of scarring. I don't mind wearing make up until it heals or getting treatment but what could be the cause... READ MORE

How Long Till the Scar Disappears Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a lip lift a 1 week ago and I was left with an unsightly purple mark under my nose, I have had fraxl but still I cannot go out without makeup... READ MORE

Can Anyone Fix my Lips a Year After a Bad Lip Lift? (photo)

I Have Reached out to Multiple Doctors and Websites and Gotten Nowhere. Can anyone fix my lips? One side is jagged and uneven with white scarring... READ MORE

I had a lip flip in the 90s and have scarring and uneven shaped lips on the vermillion border. How can I repair the scarring?

I have had many laser treatments but this does not fix the uneven shape and my lips are quite flat and discoloured. READ MORE

What's the best way to perform a lip lift, with stitching inside the nose or outside?

I have seen so many different ways skin can be cut, when doing a lip lift. I am not looking forward to scaring, but would deal with it over permenant... READ MORE

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