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Lip Suspension, No-scar Lip Lift in Los Angeles

I've wanted a subnasal bullhorn lip lift but can't stand the idea of the scar and long healing time. I stumbled on "lip suspension."... READ MORE

Cost of a Smile Lift? (photo)

Hello! My smile is what i'm looking to fix. Yet, it's only one corner of my mouth. When i smile, one corner is perky and sinks into my cheek lifting... READ MORE

How Much for a Lip Lift Surgery Near Atlanta, GA?

How Much for a Lip Lift Surgery Near Atlanta, GA? READ MORE

Oversized Philtrum Help Needed - What Can Be Done? (photo)

Is there a surgery to remove the excess tissue/fat from the top of my Philtrum just below where it joins my nose? Also can the length of my Philtrum... READ MORE

My philtrum is too long. Is the subnasal lip lift the ideal procedure? (Photo)

1. How long does it take for swelling from a subnasal lip lift to subside? 2. Is it possible to get sutures that dissolve into the skin as opposed to... READ MORE

I want upper teeth show. Should I have jaw surgery or a lip lift? (Photo)

My teeth show very little when I smile, unless I force a really big fake smile and roll my lip a bit. I've never had braces, people always tell me I... READ MORE

Lip lift to improve smile? (Photo)

When I smile. My upper lip doesn't lift up far enough to show teeth. I am considering getting a lip lift. My question is, am I being realistic? Would... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a lip lift and rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have had thin lips all my life & dont feel confident about my lips. I have done some research on lip lifts & think that is my best option. Also I've... READ MORE

VY Lip Advancement Cost

How much does it cost to get a lip advancement? I'm talking about the VY plasty one mentioned elsewhere on realself. Is the price per lip? READ MORE

How Much Do Internal Lip Lifts Usually Cost, and Do They Make Upper Lip Thinner?

Hello I'm a male looking for a lip lift that would reduce the length between the base of my nose and my upper lip (I measured and it's about 2.5 cm).... READ MORE

Lip Lift Cost

How much does a lip lift cost? Does the lip lift technique used (bullhorn, gull wing, Italian et al) affect the price of the lip lift? READ MORE

My Lip Lenghth is Even Shorter Than 5 Cm Which Makes Me Look Ugly. Can Something Be Done About It?

I have very short length lips. the length is not more than 5 cms. it makes me smile horribly. can you please suggest a surgery or an alternative... READ MORE

How much will a lip lift cost me? Under local or dental block.

I've had a vy plasty and lip lift all together so I'm not sure how much the doctor charged me for the lip lift. I went to a few doctors and some say... READ MORE

Lip lift in Europe. How can I find an English speaking, experience surgeon?

For some time now I have been researching the bullhorn lip lift procedure and I am really wanting it done. Can anyone recommend me any English... READ MORE

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