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Could my Droopy Bottom Lip Be Corrected? (photo)

The right side of my bottom lip pulls to the side when I talk or smile. My lip wasn't always this way, I think it happened after I had maxillofacial... READ MORE

Bottom Lip Lowering? Is There Such a Procedure?

Is there a procedure that will lower a bottom lip? I see all kinds of "lifts," but I want more tooth show, including my LOWER teeth (think Farrah... READ MORE

Is There Any Effective Way of Lifting the Lower Lips So Teeth Don't Show?

Dr. was kind enough to respond to my botched upper lip shortenting (vermilion advancement). My new question is: is there an effective way of lifting... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon do a custom procedure for a client? (photo)

For instance, small tissue removal from the below the lower lip? Almost the way you would with a bullhorn lip lift, but below the lower lip and in a... READ MORE

Can I Get my Lower Lip Lifted a Bit Without Covering Front Teeth?

Im considering an upper lip lift (bulls horn) but i would like to get my bottom lip lifted a little bit because i want it a bit higher and i dont like... READ MORE

Wonky unsymmetrical lip/mouth dragging to one side. What is the best surgery? (Photo)

Hi, the lower part of my face on the right side is very unsymmetrical, my lower lip on the right side slants down & doesn't line up in the middle of... READ MORE

Droopy lower lip. I read there is a procedure that involves the muscle of the lip or maybe beneath the lip?Where exactly?

I am 27 y/o girl, my lower lip is droopy ,like the muscle isn't tight ,and my lower teeth is visible when my mouth is at rest. I read that there is a... READ MORE

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