1 Week Post-op + Lip Lift

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Does my Lip Lift Scar Look Normal? (photo)

It's been 7 days since I got my lip lift, the stitches are to be removed on the 10th day. From what I've seen in photos on RealSelf the scarring does... READ MORE

6 Days After Bullhorn Lip Lift (To Get a Bigger Upper Lip) and I Am Still Not Able to Close my Mouth Properly? (photo)

Is That Normal? My upper lip seems very "high", not plump at all but just higher (with the same volume), so my teeth are too visible, like a bunny.... READ MORE

Lip Lift and Columella Shortening 5 Days Ago Can I Massage the Areas to Help with the Tightness and Itching from Healing?

Had columella shortening and top & corner lip lift surgery 5 days ago Can I massage the areas to help woth the tightness and itching from healing?... READ MORE

Please Read Lip Lift Ruined my Nose? (photo)

I went for a lip lift 7 days ago and have had my sutures out and I am not prepared how it made me nose look different. Either he removed too much skin... READ MORE

How Long Till the Scar Disappears Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a lip lift a 1 week ago and I was left with an unsightly purple mark under my nose, I have had fraxl but still I cannot go out without makeup... READ MORE

Upper lip lift ( skin removal ) : for how long?

Hi i'm 30 and i had (a little) upper lip lift last week. I was quite happy before i read that results with only skin removal ( that what my surgeon... READ MORE

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