Uneven + Lip Augmentation

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1 Day Post Lip Augmentation: Partial and Uneven Swelling

Hi, I had a lip augmentation (with hyraluronic acid) yesterday,only uppler lip, a low dose (half shot) to even my lips and fill the upper right part... READ MORE

Lips Uneven and Too Big After Restylane Lips

I had lip augmentation (Restylane) 4 weeks ago and now have this "ducky" look in my upper lip. I know that restylane can last for up to 6... READ MORE

Will Using Steroid Injections Remove Scar Tissue from Lip Inject Work 15 Mos. Later

15 months later, there is no Juvederm present any more but it sounds like I might have a hematoma on the upper left lip. I can’t stand the... READ MORE

Fell 14 yr ago, bit through my lower lip. I have an uneven lower lip due to scar tissue on inside, what are my options? (photo)

I fell 14 years ago and bit through my lower lip. I am left with what I THINK is scar tissue on the lower wet part of the lip. This creates a bulge on... READ MORE

Lips Uneven After Lip Augmentation

After lip fillers, 6 days later, my bottom lip has healed beautifully, the right side of my top lip is also fine but the left side seems to have a big... READ MORE

What Type of Lip Augmentation is Good for a Thin Lip?

What is the average cost of a lip augmentation surgery on an upper lip? Is surgery going to give better results for a thin lip than a filler?... READ MORE

Procedure to Fix Uneven Top Lip Due to Accident?

I busted my top lip open during a football game, and then I had it stitched together. However, 2 years passed and I have an uneven top lip, it has... READ MORE

Lips Are Asymmetrical After Lip Injection, What Should I Do?

I had a lip injection in my upperlip on the 19the of august. The one side of my lip i like very much. But the other side has a sort of... READ MORE

Recommendations To Get My Desired Lip Shape? I'm a 19 Year Old Male. (photo)

I am an 19 years old guy.my upper lips are bulging slight towards upwards and my lower lips are less full as compare to upper lips and they are very... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Prevent my Upper Lip Raising More on One Side with No Intention? (photo)

The right side of my upper lip tends to sit higher than the left side. Even when I relax my face there is a noticeable difference in the height if... READ MORE

How to Correct Surgical Lip Damage

I was born with Nager Syndrome. About 9 years ago, I went under reconstructive plastic surgery for my eyes and cheeks. Well, the right side of my... READ MORE

Thin Uneven Lips Due to Childhood Accident. Is There Some Surgery Available to Fix This? (photo)

When I was five years old I fell from a tree and split my face open. The accident caused a scar that runs all the way through my whole lip to my chin.... READ MORE

Hi. Last Month I Had a Surgery for the Mucocele on my Bottom Lip. Now my Lip It's Uneven. Will It Be Back to Normal? (photo)

It healed and everything was fine. The problem is my bottom lip where the stiches were, it is uneven because of the stiches. I think it's because the... READ MORE

What do you suggest for my wonky, uneven mouth? (Photo)

I hate my face when I smile, my nose is quite large and I get crows feet as i have to force a smile as I cannot move the lower left hand side of my... READ MORE

Lips Look Uneven and I Have a Rash Around Each Injection SIte, Could I be Allergic to the Lip Injections??

My lips and laugh lines look even worst than before i got clear gel liquid injected to them! looks like the liquid is uneven and spread. I also got... READ MORE

Uneven Lips, How Can I Achieve Plump Without Duck Lips? (photo)

I have uneven lips (especially the top lip which appears kind of droopy) which I would like to even out/make more aesthetically pleasing using fillers... READ MORE

Will I Benefit from Lip Aumgentation? (photo)

My lips are uneven, closed and while smiling. I am uncertain if lip augmentation will correct the asymmetry. I still want them to look natural and not... READ MORE

How Easy Are V-Y Augmentations Reversed?

I had a minor cleft lip so I know this changes everything. However, my issue is about lip tension from side to side, ie. the distance between cupid's... READ MORE

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