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Plump Lips Without the Duck Bill Look

On CBS today was a dermatologist Dr. Colbert who created his own lip plumping technique he called Colbert Lips. Colbert outlines the vermillion border... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation: Different Techniques for Different Shapes of Lips?

I have petite Cupid's bow lips. Is there a certain technique for injecting fillers with my shape of lips that proportionally enhances my lips as... READ MORE

How Common is Lip Augmentation in Men?

What gender specific techniques or guidelines work best for men? READ MORE

What Do You Think About the VY Plasty Lip Technique?

What do you think about the VY plasty technique? Is it effective? Do you have any photos of patients that have had it? READ MORE

What Type of Lip Augmentation is Good for a Thin Lip?

What is the average cost of a lip augmentation surgery on an upper lip? Is surgery going to give better results for a thin lip than a filler?... READ MORE

What Do to with Swollen Lip After Massaging a Lump? (photo)

I've been having problems with my lips from day 1 since getting juvederm injections. Basically I've delt with swollen top lips, swollen bottom... READ MORE

What Causes the Bruising During Lip Augmentation?

How long can I expect the bruising to last after my lip augmentation? Why does this occur- is it due to surgeon technique or the filler itself? READ MORE

Which Lip Procedure Gives the Most Subtle and Natural Look?

I have been over lining my lips very subtly for years and believe it makes a HUGE difference in the way I look. I think it balances my face and I look... READ MORE

Can You Give Me Lips Like This?

I really want lips like this.  Please tell me how you can do this. READ MORE

Recommendations To Get My Desired Lip Shape? I'm a 19 Year Old Male. (photo)

I am an 19 years old upper lips are bulging slight towards upwards and my lower lips are less full as compare to upper lips and they are very... READ MORE

Is There an Injectible Technique Doctor Should Use to Avoid Duck Lips?

I use resylane and juvederm to fix a small upper lip.I have a full bottom lip so the doc works on a cupids bow the corners of my upper lip and left... READ MORE

What is the Youngest Age for Lip Augmentation and What Would Be the Best for Me? (photo)

I'm 15,female in the UK.I have social anxiety have tried most things they haven't worked.I haven't been to school since may & is now been... READ MORE

Natural Looking Lip Augmentation? (photo)

I have average looking lips, which sometimes even look plump whit the right kind of lipstick. I really love big lips and I wish to have something done... READ MORE

Plump Your Pout with CYMETRA?

Looks like a micronized, injectible form of Alloderm sheets...doesn't last as long because it is already broken down but have you seen it in... READ MORE

I Would Like to Combine Procedues That Leave No Visible Scars Done by 2 Different Doctors & Don't Know How to Go About This?

Dr.E.Yuksel in Houston Texas does a No Scar Upper Lip Suspension Technique (Intranasal Incisision & Suspension Suture that elevates upper lip... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Incision Techniques for Minimal Scarring?

Are there alternative incision points for Latina women (and other women who scar easily) who want lip augmentation surgery? READ MORE

If I Have Hypermobility in my Top Lip, Can It Be Repaired? What Will It Cost?

If I Have Hypermobility in my Top Lip, Can It Be Repaired? What is teh average cost in NC? Is the procedure usually an outpatient procedure and will... READ MORE

What is the General Concensus on Artiste?

My wife wants some work done on her lips and frown lines. In NY, her friends have had the same procedures done and the Dr used an automated system... READ MORE

V-Y lip enhancement... is it worth it?

I've read several people reporting permanent numbness after getting it done. Is this common after this procedure? I would like lip enhancement. will... READ MORE

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