Philtrum + Lip Augmentation

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Procedure to Fix Protruding Lips?

My mouth protrudes as a result of my lips. I have seen a cosmetic dentist but he informed me that my teeth are not the cause. The problematic area is... READ MORE

Can Philtrum Surgery Change the Lip Shape? (photo)

I have very pointed lips and when I push down on my philtrum right beneath my nostrils my lip shape changes is there any way i can make that shape... READ MORE

Can Lip Fillers B Used to Lift the Cupid's Bow and Top Lip?

Hi. I am wondering whether lip filers can be used to lift the top lip - to not only add volume, but lift the cupid's bow and philtrum. READ MORE

Lip Lift Vs. Lip Augmentation To Create More Sultry Lips?

I want to reduce the length between my nose to my upper lip. I also want to enhance the appearance create a more sultry lip/lips. Would a lip lift... READ MORE

My Philtrum is Too Prominent, Can Anything Be Done? (photo)

The ridges are too high making it very prominent and in my opinion masculine looking. Can anything be done to reduce the size of the ridges? I... READ MORE

Which Lip Procedure Gives the Most Subtle and Natural Look?

I have been over lining my lips very subtly for years and believe it makes a HUGE difference in the way I look. I think it balances my face and I look... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lip Lift and Fillers? (photo)

I´m 23 years old but i feel older. I think my philtrum makes me look older (2 cm). I also develop deep nasolabial folds I gues because I did... READ MORE

My Philtrum Has Grown Slanted and Crooked Ways to Fix It?

My philtrum has grown slanted really badly kind of crooked ever since I had a really bad accident 1 year ago. Will it grow back to normal and straight... READ MORE

What is wrong with my lip? I cant figure out why when I shave I look completely ugly my mouth looks so weird? (photo)

All my family has honestly told me I look weird witthout mustache..! Ok i want to know what I need to look better about my lips. I always need to have... READ MORE

How can I get a more prominent Cupid's Bow? (Photo)

Hello, I think my upper lip needs more definition in the Cupid Bow area. I wonder what procedures would be beneficial to me, as I'm not very concerned... READ MORE

Is there surgery to reduce my philtrum therefore lifting my top lip to make it bigger? (photo)

My top lip is thin but when I lift my philtrum slightly under my nose my top lip goes bigger. So in fact I do have a larger top lip but seems to be... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the width of the philtrum in conjunction with an upper lip lift to reduce length? (Photo)

I am very unhappy with the appearance of my lips/smile. It's completely uneven. One side curves up nicely while the other side is more of a blunt... READ MORE

My philtrum is completely flat and I'm wondering if it's possible to create a philtrum dimple with surgery? (Photo)

I dont want material injected into my "philtrum coloumns" since my lips are already protruding from the liplift i had two years ago. I want to have... READ MORE

Does my philtrum look abnormally long? And lip shape strange? (Photo)

I want expert opinion on my philtrum and lips. I think it looks quite long. Also are my lips shaped oddly to you? Are they supposed to curve up on the... READ MORE

Abnormally long philtrum. Could this be a result of the filler wearing away? (Photo)

I have had filler placed in my lips, nasolabial area & chin/jaw over the course of a year. Juvederm to lips & naso fold 1 yr ago & artefill 6-7 mo ago... READ MORE

What surgery would I need in order to shorten my philtrum? (Photo)

I though I would need a lip lift but my lips are already fairly full to begin with so I think it would look weird.. My philtrum is 2cm.. READ MORE

Is it possible to debulck the upper lip so that it won't be as protruding? (photos)

Ive Had a liplift and fat injected to create philtrum coloumns. Now my upper lip is protruding a lot. Earlier i asked if its possible to create a... READ MORE

What are my lip reconstruction options? (photo)

Hey, I had hemangioma when I was young, I am now 20. I have no philtrum, even lips, cupid bow or anything some what symmetrical. Is there any hope for... READ MORE

Is there any natural way to increase size of area between nose & upper lip?

My incisors are big so I get an awkward look when by mouth is open. READ MORE

My filler slides up to the philtrum when I smile. Is there any other filler out there that stays in the lip without moving?

I have 1 ml Teosyal Global Action injected to the bottom half of my top lip. It slides up to the philtrum when I smile. Is there any other filler out... READ MORE

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